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An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. KEBO offers 2 different types of UPS: 1) Line Interactive UPS; 2) Online UPS
1)Line interactive UPS works almost the same as offline UPS. The only difference is the addition of a multi-tap variable-voltage automatic transformer. It uses the rationale behind the electromagnetic induction to control low voltage or high voltage conditions. That means, this circuit provides voltage stabilization from relatively unstable main power (city power fluctuates from time to time) to connected equipment, also protecting equipment from long time voltage distortion.
2)KEBO online UPS is safeguard for environment where electrical isolation is necessary and also for equipment which is sensitive to power loss. The initial cost of online UPS is generally higher than line interactive UPS, but the total cost of ownership is lower due to longer battery life. The online UPS is a necessity when utility power sags, outages and other anomalies are frequent. This is very critical when protection of sensitive IT equipment loads is required. The basic principle of online UPS is the same as an online or line interactive UPS. However, it has a much higher price due to much greater current AC-to-DC battery-charger rectifier, and with the rectifier and inverter designed to run continuously with improved cooling systems. It is called a double-conversion UPS due to the rectifier directly driving the inverter, even when powered from normal AC current.

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