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A voltage regulator is a device designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level which allows equipment to operate in a safer environment and having prolong lifespan. KEBO has three types of voltage stabilizers: Relay Type, Servo Motor Type, and Triac/Thyristor.
1)Relay Type Stabilizer: In relay type stabilizer, electronic circuit is controlled by relays set besides the transformer, comprising rectifier circuit, controller unit and other tiny components. The electronic circuit compares the output voltage with a reference value provided by build-in voltage source. Whenever the voltage rises or falls, the control circuit switches the corresponding relay connected to a desired tapping of the output voltage.
2)Servo Motor Type Stabilizer: Servo motor regulators operate by using a servomechanism to select the appropriate tap on an auto transformer with multiple taps (servo type), or by moving the wiper on a continuously variable auto transformer. If the output voltage is not in the acceptable range, the servomechanism will switch the tap; change the turns ratio of the transformer, and to move the secondary voltage into the acceptable region.
3)Triac or Thyristor Type Stabilizer: For Triac/contactless stabilizer, the loading voltage can be stabilized against supply voltage variation above and below the desired level. Boosting or bucking effect is performed in steps but with no distortion or phase-shift in the load voltage. Perfect adjustment of the load voltage is possible using independent phase control in a narrow range (in between the steps)

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