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How does the modular UPS power supply save energy


Energy saving and consumption reduction. Today, the state advocates environmental protection and energy saving. Green energy-saving modular UPS power supplies have attracted much attention. Modular UPS is a modular uninterruptible power system specially designed for large and medium-sized data center scenarios, and is committed to providing reliable and efficient power supply guarantee for users' key ICT equipment. So, where is the energy saving of modular UPS power supply reflected?


The input power factor of the modular UPS power supply is over 0.999, which reduces the line loss and improves the power utilization rate. Its inverter power can reach more than 98%, thus improving the working power of the whole machine, reducing losses and saving electrical energy. Low load and high efficiency planning, the most commonly used load rate section maintains 95%-96% high power, matches the real transaction scenario of the data center, and effectively saves energy consumption and reduces energy consumption by more than 50%.


The total harmonic distortion (THDI) of the modular UPS is 3%, and the output total harmonic distortion under linear load is less than 2%. The harmonic disturbance to the grid is minimized, which effectively reduces grid load and power loss. Excellent input parameters, showing pure resistance characteristics to the city power grid, is an ideal environmental protection and high efficiency UPS.


The green of the modular UPS power supply parallel system is reflected in high efficiency and energy saving, and the negative impact on the power grid and other peripheral equipment is small. Choosing a new inverter topology and modulation strategy can improve the power and power density of the modular UPS power supply and reduce losses; the use of advanced control and protection technology not only makes the modular UPS power supply parallel system more and more harmonic pollution of the power grid Less, and can actively improve the power quality of the power grid and the stability of the grid operation, and assist the grid recovery when the grid is faulty.


The advanced intelligent control and fault diagnosis and protection strategy are selected in the modular UPS power supply parallel system, so that the system can actively adapt to different application conditions and environments, reduce manual intervention and debugging procedures, and at the same time detect the system operating status in real time to achieve intelligent diagnosis of faults And protection, improve system operation reliability, reduce system maintenance and repair costs.

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