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Can a three-phase voltage regulator be used as a single-phase regulator? Can it be used at home?


Three-phase voltage regulator is a large-scale voltage auxiliary power supply developed and produced for 380V industrial power. The general three-phase voltage regulator is at least 10KVA to thousands of KVA. Among them, the three-phase voltage regulator and the line access are all three-phase electricity, and it is not a neutral line of three-phase live wire.

Regulators can be divided into industrial regulators and household regulators according to their different applications. According to voltage, they can be divided into three-phase regulators and single-phase regulators. With the development of science and technology, power companies continue to increase their funds, use voltage stabilizers to improve and upgrade electrical equipment, and the electrical environment has gradually become stable and safe.

Three-phase voltage regulators are generally connected to large-scale industrial production equipment, and the conventional wiring methods of this type of electrical equipment are: three live wires, one neutral wire and ground wire, a total of five line inputs, and for some special For equipment, there may be three live wires and one ground wire for the input, or even only three live wires.

For household appliances, it is generally single-phase input, and the general line is divided into: a live wire and a neutral wire. And for appliances with a slightly higher power, there is a live wire, a neutral wire and a ground wire. The household voltage is 220V, so the choice of voltage regulator is, if it is a household regulator, we choose a single-phase regulator. The difference between a single-phase voltage regulator and a three-phase voltage regulator is that the voltage output and input of the single-phase voltage regulator are connected to a live line and a neutral line.

Summary: The three-phase voltage regulator is a 380V regulator for industrial use, and the voltage of the household voltage regulator is 220V. So the three-phase regulator cannot be used for home.

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