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Will UPS uninterruptible power supply harm people?


With the progress and development of society, there are more and more electronic products, and people pay more and more attention to whether the electronic products have radiation. Of course, whether the UPS power supply has radiation is also included, then whether the UPS uninterruptible power supply has radiation ? Usually people say that the radiation is electromagnetic radiation, and the power source radiation is very small. The structure of the general battery is composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolyte and terminal posts. The electromagnetic radiation from these things is electromagnetic radiation. , Is composed of electric energy and magnetic energy transferred together in space, and this energy is produced by the movement of electric charges. The pollution that produces electromagnetic radiation in life includes: TV transmitters, mobile phone transmitter base stations, radar systems, medical equipment, high-voltage wires, mobile phones, etc. The UPS battery does not have much radiation. UPS power supply means that there is a battery inside. When connected to the power supply, it is always charged, and it remains balanced after being fully charged, just like a rechargeable battery. There is no radiation, and it has only a small amount of radiation when working. The gas will not be harmful to the human body. Please rest assured that the lead-acid battery in the UPS uninterruptible power supply will not cause harm to the human body under normal use.

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