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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ac Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)


What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC automatic voltage regulator (avr)? AC voltage stabilizer can be divided into three categories: auto-adjustable power supply, parameter-adjustable power supply, switching power supply. Today we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each category of AC automatic voltage regulator (avr), so that it is convenient for you to make purchase choices. Besides, the applications of it.

1. There are three types of AC automatic voltage regulator

Mechanical adjustment type: The advantages are simple structure, low cost, and low output waveform distortion. Disadvantages: easy to burn, slow voltage adjustment. High-power compensation type: The advantages are good anti-interference performance, high voltage regulation accuracy, fast response and simple circuit. Disadvantages: the input current has large distortion, the source power factor is low, and the output voltage has a phase shift to the input voltage. Changing the tap type: The advantages are simple circuit, wide voltage regulation range and low price. Disadvantages: low voltage regulation accuracy and short working life.

2. Switching regulated power supply

Advantages: good voltage stabilization and strong control function. Disadvantages: The circuit is complicated and the price is higher.

3. Parameter adjustable regulated power supply

Advantages: simple structure, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability. Disadvantages: high energy consumption, high noise, heavy and high cost.

Applications of AC voltage stabilizer

With the rapid advancement of society, electrical equipment is increasing day by day. The aging and lagging development of power transmission and distribution facilities, as well as poor design and insufficient power supply cause voltage instability, high or low, and the range is too wide. And the various loads we use now, including some large inductive, capacitive, switching power supply and other loads not only obtain electric energy from the power grid, but also affect the power grid itself, deteriorating the power supply quality of the power grid or local power grids, and cause Mains voltage waveform distortion or frequency drift. In addition, unexpected natural and man-made accidents, such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, open circuits or short circuits in power transmission and transformation systems, will endanger the normal supply of electricity and affect the work of loads. Unstable voltage can cause fatal injury or malfunction of the equipment, affect production, cause delays in delivery, and unstable quality. The AC voltage stabilizer is a power supply device that can automatically adjust the output voltage. The function of the AC voltage stabilizer is to stabilize the power supply voltage that fluctuates greatly and does not meet the requirements of electrical equipment within its set value range, so that various circuits Or electrical equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage.

Application of voltage stabilizer: It can be widely used in monitoring equipment of industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, posts and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research and other departments, precision machine tools, computer tomography (CT), precision instruments, Test equipment, elevator lighting, imported equipment, production lines and other places that require stable power supply voltage; also used in users at the end of low-voltage power distribution network where the power supply voltage is too low or too high, with large fluctuations, and electrical equipment with large load changes. It is especially suitable for all voltage-stabilized electric places that require high grid waveforms.

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