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What are the general protection functions of Voltage Stabilizer?


With the popularization of voltage instability, voltage stabilizers are becoming more and more popular. However, when we buy voltage regulators, we also consider many factors. Issues such as the power of the voltage stabilizer, the capacity, the protection function of the voltage stabilizer itself, and the safety performance of the voltage stabilizer have now become issues that need to be considered when purchasing a voltage stabilizer. Such as: short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, etc. Voltage stabilizer manufacturers have various protection functions for the protection functions of the regulator. Voltage stabilizer short-circuit protection, in fact, all of us who have used electrical equipment know that if there is a short circuit at the load end of the power supply, it is the near end of the power supply that is burned. If there is a short circuit at the output end of the regulator, it is a voltage regulator if it burns out. Therefore, in general, the regulator manufacturer, in order to make the voltage regulator longer service life and reduce the repair rate, basically the equipment is equipped with short circuit protection. As for the voltage stabilizer leakage protection device, due to cost issues, some manufacturers omit the leakage protection switch. To reduce costs. Leakage protection devices are optional installation components, some manufacturers default to not install components before leaving the factory. Therefore, do not only care about the price when buying a voltage stabilizer, it is best to choose a manufacturer that specializes in the production of voltage stabilizers.

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