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The reasons why the noise occurred of the Voltage Stabilizer? And How to solve it?


When we use the voltage stabilizer, it takes a long time, and we often hear the humming noise of the voltage stabilizer, which seriously affects our daily life. So why the noise occurred of the voltage stabilizer? And How to solve it? This seems to be a more troublesome problem, but there are still small coup to solve it.

Causes of noise produced by voltage stabilizers

1. When the carbon brush is moving, there is a noticeable "click" noise or fire between the coils. This is caused by the poor contact between the carbon brush and the coil. Maybe the product has not been cleaned for a long time and accumulated dust, or other The reason is that the coil surface is uneven, dirty or oxidized.

2. If the voltage stabilizer is loaded with electric arc furnace, silicon controlled rectifier, etc., its harmonic component will make the voltage stabilizer emit a "wow" or "gluck" intermittent sound instantly.

3. When the internal parts of the voltage stabilizer equipment are loose, such as the loosening of the screws and nuts of the iron core causing something to fall off the iron core, the voltage stabilizer will produce strong uneven noise and "hammering" during operation. Sound, "wind blowing" sound.

4. When the voltage stabilizer equipment system is short-circuited or grounded, the voltage stabilizer will make a "crackling" noise due to the large current in the circuit. In severe cases, the voltage stabilizer will produce a huge roar.


1. Remove the dust on the equipment. If you can't remove it, use sandpaper to polish the oxidized part of the coil. Care must be taken. The purpose of polishing is to make the coil and carbon have good contact.

2. Reduce the load or replace the coil, replace the motor or match the gear, wipe clean or replace the contactor.

The above are the reasons for the noise in the use of the voltage stabilizer, and the introduction of the noise solution of the voltage stabilizer. Please consult our voltage stabilizer manufacturers for details.

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