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Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) VS Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)


Is the role of automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and uninterruptible power supply(UPS) the same? With more and more electrical equipment on the market, the range of use of voltage regulator and UPS power supply is very wide, and many feel that the two can replace each other. However, there is a difference between the voltage regulator and the UPS power supply. Many people always mistakenly believe that the voltage regulator is a UPS. The following introduces the differences between automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and uninterruptible power supply(UPS) from several aspects.


Uninterruptible Power Supply How It Works


Uninterruptible power supply(UPS) is divided into online UPS power supply and backup UPS power supply. Generally, home computers are equipped with backup UPS power supply, which belongs to a type of backup power supply; the backup type is with a voltage stabilizing part, and uses a relay to shift and stabilize Pressure mode, the effect of voltage regulation is very poor, can not be regarded as a voltage regulator.


From the name of uninterruptible power supply(UPS) , it can be seen that it is actually a reserve power supply. When the power is cut off, the electrical energy stored by the battery is output through the inverter to output AC current to power the equipment. The backup UPS power supply is usually from The time interval for the host to switch to the backup power supply will not exceed 10 milliseconds (the online UPS power supply has no switching time), so the power failure will hardly have any impact on the power equipment.

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Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) For Home


The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is designed for the unstable voltage of the power grid, mainly for the protection of the back-end equipment, and the protection function of the equipment is more complete. Generally large UPS power supply must also be equipped with a voltage stabilization bypass system (voltage stabilizer). The role of the voltage regulator is very wide, and it can be used wherever electricity is needed (of course, the premise is that the voltage is unstable).


The voltage stabilizer is composed of voltage regulating circuit, control circuit, and servo motor. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit performs sampling, comparison, and amplification, and then drives the servo motor to rotate to change the position of the carbon brush of the automatic voltage regulator. The coil turns ratio is automatically adjusted to maintain the stability of the output voltage.

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Function of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)


1. The automatic voltage regulator can stabilize the voltage of low voltage 125V-165V or high voltage 250V-270V between 200-230V, so that household appliances can work normally.


2. When the input voltage is higher than 255-275V or lower than 125-160V, Shanjie voltage regulator can automatically cut off the power supply.


3. When a sudden power call comes after a power failure, the automatic voltage regulator can delay the output power supply for 5-8 minutes to avoid damage to the appliance due to excessive voltage. When purchasing a home voltage regulator, you must pay attention to the completeness of the above three basic functions.


4. The automatic voltage regulator is mainly used to stabilize the voltage, to provide a stable power environment for the electrical equipment, and use the electrical equipment to avoid voltage fluctuations or interference. Because the function is completely different from the UPS power supply, and the UPS power supply also includes an energy storage battery, the price and cost are relatively high.


5. KEBO AVR integrates the functions of voltage stabilization, purification, anti-interference and automatic protection. It has a wide voltage range, fast response speed, high precision, anti-interference, low distortion, anti-shock, long life and low noise The advantages such as 614-type regulated power supply and mechanical regulator are ideal for updating modern products.




KEBO automatic voltage regulator (AVR) has completely different voltage stabilization accuracy and high stability from ordinary purged power supply on the market. It is an ideal power supply device for national defense, scientific research, medical instruments, and industrial production equipment, providing a full range of power protection for your industrial systems, communications equipment, and medical equipment.

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