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The Reasons Why The Internal Short Circuit of UPS Power Supply


UPS power supply short circuit refers to the connection of the positive and negative electrode groups inside the lead battery. A large current will occur in the battery short circuit. Generally, the short circuit wire will be burned out. Severe will cause fire or explosion. Pay attention to the safety of the UPS power battery. Install the UPS power supply and The battery advocates contacting professional UPS power supply manufacturers.


Reasons for internal short circuit of UPS power supply


(1) The quality of the separator is not good or incomplete, and the active material of the polar plate is passed through, resulting in a virtual touch or a direct touch of the positive and negative plates.


(2) The separation of the separator causes the positive and negative plates to be connected.


(3) The active material on the electrode plate swells and falls. Due to the excessive accumulation of the dropped active material, the positive and negative electrode plates are connected by the mutual contact between the positive and negative electrode lower edges or side edges and the accumulation.


(4) Conductive objects fall into the UPS power supply to form positive and negative plates connected.


(5) The "lead current" formed during welding of the electrode group is not exhausted, or "lead beans" exist between the positive and negative plates during installation, and the separator is damaged during charging and discharging to form the positive and negative plates.


The performance of UPS power supply short circuit phenomenon


(1) The open circuit voltage is low, and the closed circuit voltage (discharge) quickly reaches the stop voltage.


(2) During large current discharge, the terminal voltage drops to zero quickly.


(3) When the circuit is open, the electrolyte density is very low, and the electrolyte will freeze in a low temperature environment.


(4) During charging, the voltage rises very slowly and always keeps the value low (sometimes it drops to zero).


(5) During charging, the electrolyte temperature rises very quickly.


(6) During charging, the electrolyte density rises slowly or hardly changes.


(7) No bubbles or gas appearing late when charging.


UPS power battery short circuit treatment method:


Reduce the charging current, lower the charging voltage, and check whether the safety valve body is blocked. Charge and discharge regularly. Many of the lead-acid float charge voltage and discharge voltage in the UPS power supply system have been debugged to the rated value at the factory, and the size of the discharge current is added with the increase of the load. The load should be reasonably adjusted during operation. Operate the number of computers and other electronic equipment used.


When installing lead-acid, the tools to be used should adopt insulation measures. When connecting, the electrical appliances other than the battery should be connected first. After checking, there is no short circuit and finally connected. The wiring specification should be excellent insulation to prevent cracking due to overlapping pressure.

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