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How to Choose Household UPS Power Supply


With the rapid development of technology, the emergence of various sophisticated electronic products has made the use of UPS power supplies more and more widespread. UPS power supply is not only widely used in enterprises and important places, but now also for household. If there are many users in the family need to use UPS power supply, how to choose a suitable one? Detailed introduction today a bit:


First, we have to buy a brand.


When purchasing household UPS uninterruptible power supply, we should give priority to select well-known brand products such as Shante, APC, MUST, etc., in order to ensure the excellent stability of UPS. Don't admit mistakes because of ignoring or listening to recommendations for a while. By the way, you can choose KEBO. It is a professional and truthful China power supply manufacturer, who has a strong R&D team with 25 experienced engineers, and 450 skilled employees working in 120,000㎡ factory area equipped with most advanced manufacturing facilities including PCB, Transformer, Relay, Tooling, Plastic Injection, Metal Sheet, Silkscreen, Assembly Workshops, and 6 Assembly Lines.


Second, check the interference and anti-interference ability.


The back-up UPS power supply is more prone to interference signals when it is working in the inverter. We can detect it at the time of purchase, let the UPS be in the back-up state, and close the UPS to the computer monitor, at the same time turn on the computer speaker to see if there are interference bars on the display. Whether there is noise in the speaker to confirm the size of UPS interference.


Generally speaking, due to the better shielding effect, the interference of the UPS power supply with iron shell is relatively small. Of course, if the quality of the city power is poor in the place where the business is located, causing interference bars on the display. At this time, we can also connect the UPS to the computer to see if the interference bar on the display is reduced or disappeared, in order to confirm the UPS's ability to clean the mains.


Third, it is important to pay attention to additional functions.


Usually some better products often have some more useful additional functions, the same as UPS power supply. The common additional functions are the smart battery management system and network anti-lightning function. The intelligent battery management system can extend the service life of the battery, and can automatically close the computer when the UPS battery is exhausted, ensuring the safety of computer hardware and data. The anti-lightning function of the network provides protection against abnormal voltages on the network line and the telephone line, which prevents the high voltage of the lightning strike from entering the computer through the telephone line and the network line and causing damage to the computer.


Fourth, UPS power supply meets your need in daily use.


In the purchase of household UPS uninterruptible power supply, many people always blindly seek long delay and fast switching speed. This not only costs a lot of money when purchasing products, but also makes it difficult to purchase products. In our practical application, we are unlikely to use the delay of the UPS power supply to work in the event of a power failure, but store the data in time during the delay. Therefore, a 3-5 minute delay is sufficient. As long as there is no problem with the power supply of the computer, the home computer is fully able to accept an instant power failure of 15-20ms.


The switching time of most hosehold UPS power supply on the market is below 10ms, which can fully meet the requirements, so we don't need to worry about whether the UPS switching time is 4ms or 10ms. Of course, if there are special needs, you should confirm the products you choose according to practical requirements.


Fifth, choose a matching UPS power supply according to the power of the equipment. 

For example, the equipment for continuous shipping is a computer (see 350W), which can be equipped with a 500va UPS. The selection method is: equipment power divided by UPS uninterruptible power supply factor 0.8 equals matching. According to equipment power, delay requirements. Make equipment plan. The longer the delay time, the greater the capacity or number of battery packs equipped.


Sixth, power supply method.


The UPS power supply method is divided into two kinds of gathering power supply method and decentralized power supply method:


The gathering power supply method refers to the gathering power supply from one UPS (or parallel) to each load equipment in the entire line; the decentralized power supply method refers to using multiple UPSs to decentralize power supply to multiple load equipment.



Seeing here, I believe you have a certain understanding of the selection of household UPS uninterruptible power supply. In fact, the so-called UPS power supply is a device that can replace the mains electricity and continue to supply electricity when there is a power outage. Therefore, whether to buy UPS power supply in the family is still different from person to person.

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