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The importance of ac automatic voltage regulator and UPS power supply for medical equipment


With the advancement of medical science and technology, various sophisticated instruments and equipment are widely used in the medical field. The introduction of these equipment plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Due to the high requirements on the power quality and voltage of medical equipment, if the quality of the power supply is poor, it is prone to medical equipment crashes, component damage, and data loss caused by program execution errors during operation, resulting in great Hidden medical safety hazards, and caused no small economic losses to the hospital. At present, hospitals generally use Ac Automatic Voltage Regulator (avr) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (ups) to ensure the normal and safe operation of medical equipment.

1. Selection of Ac Automatic Voltage Regulator

At present, there are many types of voltage regulators on the market, such as electronic voltage regulators, AC compensation regulators, CNC non-contact voltage regulators, etc. Should pay attention to the following aspects when selecting the ac automatic voltage regulator.

First, the response time of the ac automatic voltage regulator. The response time of the voltage regulator will be directly reflected on the medical equipment. The general mechanical voltage stabilizer uses the rotation of the motor to drive the carbon brush to slide back and forth on the autotransformer to achieve the purpose of voltage stabilization. Its production cost is relatively low, economical and practical, and can meet the voltage stabilization requirements of most equipment. However, from the perspective of response speed, SBW-W series CNC non-contact voltage regulator is undoubtedly dominant. It is usually applied to the voltage stabilization work of high-precision equipment such as B-ultrasound and hemodialysis machines.

Second, the voltage regulation accuracy needs to be considered in the selection process. The voltage regulation accuracy of the most traditional mechanical voltage regulator is within ±2%. The accuracy of voltage regulator-contactless voltage regulator can be increased by 0.5±1%. Under normal circumstances, PET, DR, CT, MR nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, etc. have high requirements for voltage regulation accuracy. In this case, it is recommended to choose CNC non-contact voltage regulator. It can quickly solve the voltage instability.

By installing the UPS uninterruptible power supply in the medical equipment, it can effectively prevent the impact of the equipment on the equipment due to the data loss caused by the instantaneous current shock of the equipment, the sudden power failure, or the sudden stop of work. When choosing the UPS uninterruptible power supply, the following points should be noted:

2. Selection of Uninterruptible Power Supply (ups)

According to statistics, medical equipment is subject to power supply interference more than 80 times a month. These interferences mainly include voltage changes, power outages (including short-term power outages in milliseconds), phase loss, and poor phase balance. Among these disturbances, a large part of the cases are easily overlooked because they cannot be perceived and cannot be distinguished with the naked eye, but usually affect the normal and safe use of the equipment. By installing UPS uninterruptible power supplies in medical equipment, it can be effectively prevented The impact of the device's instantaneous current shock, data loss caused by a sudden power failure, or the sudden stop of work. When choosing the UPS uninterruptible power supply, the following points should be noted:

First, Power of UPS Under normal circumstances, the power value of UPS is expressed in VA. When selecting the UPS power supply, first calculate the VA value of the medical equipment and leave a certain margin to determine the power of the UPS power supply.

Second, Types of UPS The output waveform is usually divided into square wave backup type, sine wave online interactive type and online type. The sine wave is characterized by no harmonics and zero-second conversion. Medical equipment is a high-precision instrument, which has very high requirements on the quality of the power supply. In actual use, an online UPS power supply is usually selected, which can well avoid power supply interference.

Third, Selection of battery capacity. The backup battery capacity can be divided into two types: standard machine and extension machine. The standard machine has built-in battery, which can extend the use time of the equipment after power off for 10-15 minutes, and the extension machine is generally equipped with a battery cabinet usually longer. In practical applications, it is usually selected according to needs.

3. Measurements to ensure the stable operation of medical equipment

At present, in the process of using medical equipment, there are generally problems such as power supply instability and electromagnetic interference, which have certain safety risks for the normal use of medical equipment.

1) For branch voltage supply, for multi-branch isolation transformers, devices with very high power requirements can be separated and supplied separately, which can effectively avoid the mutual interference of various devices when using electricity. Some important equipment is equipped with a dedicated ac automatic voltage regulator (avr) or uninterruptible power supply (ups) to ensure the safe operation of medical equipment.

2) Equipped with power quality purification device, the use of AC voltage stabilizer and high-frequency power filter can ensure the stable operation of the equipment, and at the same time, it can reduce the interference of electromagnetic waves on the transmission process of the power line. By installing an AC voltage regulator, it can also effectively suppress the occurrence of transient high voltage and instantaneous voltage drop caused by surge. In addition, you can reduce the interference of the outside world to the power supply by connecting the ground wire.

Medical equipment is a kind of equipment that has very high requirements for power quality. The decline in power quality will make the use of medical equipment unstable, ranging from temporarily suspending the use of medical equipment to damaging the equipment and causing medical accidents. Therefore, the configuration of ac automatic voltage regulator (avr) and uninterruptible power supply (ups) plays an important role in ensuring the safe and normal use of medical equipment, which is of great significance for further improving the quality of medical treatment.

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