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Why does the power supply frequency of the Automatic Voltage Regulator jitter?


Why does the power supply frequency of an automatic voltage regulator jitter? When we use a voltage stabilizer, we often see a situation where the power supply needle of the voltage stabilizer sometimes jumps around, which does not seem very stable. This is because of the voltage stabilization. The frequency of the power supply of the voltage stabilizer is unstable, so why does the power supply frequency of the voltage stabilizer appear unstable? The following editor will take you to understand the reasons for the jitter of the power supply frequency of the voltage stabilizer.

Voltage imbalance is a kind of waveform distortion. When evaluating power quality, you need to pay attention to voltage imbalance. The external power supply of the main power supply may cause this phenomenon, but the general imbalance is caused internally by the load of the device. Specifically, in a three-phase power distribution system, the three-phase load supply is the same, and one of the phases will supply power to the single-phase equipment, and voltage imbalance will occur.

The best way to solve these two phenomena is to use a voltage stabilizer. If there is a problem with the power supply, install the voltage stabilizer to adjust the voltage, and then make the equipment work normally. This is the main function of the regulator.

1. For resistive loads, such as incandescent bulbs, rice cookers, electric irons, etc., its working current is basically constant. When the power is turned on in the cold state, the resistance value is smaller than that in the working state, so some electrical appliances will burn out when the power is turned on, such as incandescent bulbs and smoke.

2. Inductive load. Semi-inductive electrical appliances, the automatic degaussing coils of old-fashioned TV sets, you will hear a sound of Weng when the TV is just switched on, and the lights will dim instantly. The motor of the refrigerator freezer, the instantaneous current of the motor is about 6 times of the working current. The starting current will impact the power grid (the user line is very far from the transformer, and the wire diameter is calculated according to the normal working current) and the voltage stabilizer itself, so the jitter of the needle is normal when the voltage stabilizer starts the inductive load.

Frequency jitter will cause the motor to run at a faster or slower input power, which will result in a decrease in motor efficiency, an increase in motor speed and an increase in current consumption. In order to solve this problem, the device causing the shaking of this phenomenon should be evaluated, and then repaired, corrected or replaced.

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