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Which is better, voltage stabilizer or UPS power supply?


In this article, I will share you something about the voltage stabilizer or UPS power supply.

1. Voltage stabilizer, also called  Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) : It is designed for voltage instability and is mainly used for the maintenance of back-end equipment, which is more perfect for equipment maintenance. Generally, large UPS must also be equipped with a regulated bypass system. Regulated power supply has a wide range of functions, and it can be used wherever electricity is needed (of course, the premise is that the voltage is unstable). Generally, if you bring a computer or a TV at home, you can choose a high-precision fully automatic voltage regulator, which is the SVC communication stabilized power supply on the market, and the price is real; if it is for industrial use, it is of course a high-power communication stabilized Power supply, simple, practical and convenient.

 2. UPS power supply is divided into backup type, online type and online interactive type. Generally, the computer equipment belongs to the backup type. It is a kind of emergency power supply. It uses full voltage regulation control technology and has a wide input voltage range (160V~280V) , Can be connected to the generator grid. The inverter circuit uses the latest power devices with strong load capacity and short-circuit maintenance function during inverter; the charging circuit uses advanced constant current floating charge, which can extend the battery life, built-in lead-acid maintenance-free battery, no maintenance, easy to use. The machine has strong load compatibility, and can be adapted to home computers, small office environments, small communication switches, small network equipment, commercial PC operating stations and peripheral equipment, etc.

Online UPS: When operating, the online UPS first converts the mains power into DC power to charge the UPS battery. At the same time, the inverter inverts this DC power into communication power to supply power to the load, because the mains is communicated to DC and then Communication conversion process, so the original disturbance and pulse voltage components in the mains have been filtered very cleanly. Therefore, the voltage inverted by the online UPS is very stable. The advantages of high-frequency UPS are small size, light weight and high operating efficiency. The disadvantage is that it has poor overload and impact resistance.

Line Interactive UPS: With superior electrical characteristics, it can completely eliminate any voltage fluctuation, waveform distortion, frequency fluctuation and disturbance from the mains. Compared with other types of UPS, this type of UPS can achieve stable frequency and stabilized power supply to the load. It has obvious advantages in power supply quality, so it is widely used, but the rectifier will cause the quality of the input power to deteriorate during operation, so it is necessary to adopt harmonics Governance plan. Together the prices are relatively high.

The UPS power supply and voltage stabilizer have been well introduced and explained above. I hope that the above can help you understand MORE about them, so that you can easily distinguish them in your future life. And make better use of them.

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