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What' s the functions of voltage stabilizer? And how to choose a suitable one for home?


What is the function of a voltage stabilizer? How to buy a suitable household voltage stabilizer is a problem that many friends must understand. As the voltage stabilizer is used in our lives, everyone needs to have a certain understanding of the voltage stabilizer. Why? ? Let's share with you.

What' s the functions of the voltage stabilizer

We all know that when we use electricity in our lives, the voltage is very unstable. When there are more electricity users, the voltage will be very low. Correspondingly, our electric lights will be relatively dim when they are working. At this time, we just need to use a voltage regulator to adjust, so that our voltage can be output and work normally. So what exactly does the regulator do?

The voltage stabilizer protects precision instruments with higher voltage requirements. The laboratory equipment (test equipment) of the higher standard laboratory (laboratory) is equipped with a voltage stabilizer to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data. Key equipment in hospitals, factories, schools, finance and other departments are equipped with voltage stabilizers to ensure the stability and safety of equipment operation. In short, the key departments of various industries apply voltage regulators to their key electrical equipment.

The original power regulator relied on the jump of the relay to stabilize the voltage. When the grid voltage fluctuates, the automatic correction circuit of the power regulator is activated to activate the internal relay. Forcing the output voltage to remain near the set value, this circuit has the advantage of simple circuit, but the disadvantage is that the voltage regulation accuracy is not high and every time the relay jumps and shifts, it will cause an instantaneous interruption of the power supply and spark interference.

The parameter regulator is based on magnetic saturation and voltage stabilization. It has strict requirements on the nature of the load equipment. It mainly uses a kind of load. If it is a mixed load, the capacity must be enlarged. Resistive loads such as electric heating wires, rice cookers, etc. As long as 0.2 times is enough, capacitive and inductive loads such as motors, large capacitors, transformers, water pumps and other loads have at least 3-5 times the margin. This depends on the actual situation on the site. Mixed loads such as motors and heating wires For this type of load, the regulator must have a margin of 3-7 times. Do not choose this regulator for mixed loads.

High-quality small voltage stabilizers mostly use the method of motor-driven carbon brushes to stabilize the voltage. This type of voltage stabilizer has little interference to electrical equipment and has relatively low voltage stabilization accuracy.

How to choose a suitable voltage stabilizer for home?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous increase of household electrical equipment and facilities, household voltage stabilizers have entered thousands of households. Electricity supply cannot meet the demand for high-speed growth in time. When the electricity consumption peaks, especially in summer, the voltage fluctuates extremely frequently, which causes the enterprise electric facilities and household electric appliances to run under voltage for a long time. As a result, electrical start and stop are relatively frequent, and the current will increase, damage the internal electrical components, and seriously affect the safety and service life of electrical appliances. Every kind of electrical equipment has a power supply voltage range. If the transmission voltage is ultra-low or ultra-high, it will affect the normal operation of electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, computers, etc. These more expensive electronic equipment; so far many families They all pin their hopes on the regulator. However, some households have caused damage to home appliances after using a voltage stabilizer.

Why is this? It turned out to be because the voltage stabilizer was purchased without selecting the right model or leaving no useful power margin (power), and only purchased according to the rated power of the home appliance, which caused the voltage stabilizer to operate at full load for a long time. Malfunction; Then there is the voltage stabilizer malfunction due to the close contact with the wall or cover for the convenience of installation during installation, resulting in poor heat dissipation. So how should I choose a household voltage regulator?

Voltage stabilizers generally have three functions: it can stabilize the voltage of low voltage 120V-160V or high voltage 250V-270V between 200-230V, so that household appliances can work normally; when the input voltage is higher than 255V or lower than 160V and the output voltage When the voltage is higher than 235V, the power supply can be automatically cut off; when the power is suddenly turned on after a power failure, the output power can be delayed for 5-8 minutes to avoid damage to the electrical appliances due to excessive voltage; however, the power regulator can only be used in In the corresponding range, it has a voltage stabilizing effect. If it exceeds this range, it will also fail or even be damaged.

When buying a voltage stabilizer, it is recommended to buy a voltage stabilizer that is at least three times larger than the actual power, because the voltage stabilizer has to overcome the surge impact of the mains and the starting impact of inductive loads (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, Motors and electric motors). Pay attention to whether the voltage value of the mains power supply exceeds the input voltage range specified by the voltage stabilizer purchased, and whether the three-phase voltage differs by more than 10V. Before purchasing a machine, it is necessary to consider future business expansion, whether additional equipment is needed, and whether the voltage regulator needs to reserve expansion capacity.

Regardless of whether it is a stand-alone package or a whole factory package, a certain reserved capacity should be reserved for the purchased voltage stabilizer to avoid a 100% load rate of the voltage stabilizer. The maximum load rate of the voltage stabilizer is generally 80%. The shape and structure of the automatic voltage regulator are desktop, wall-mounted, counter-wall dual-purpose and floor-standing. Different styles should be selected according to the installation location, main purpose, and installation capacity.

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