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What is KEBO?


If you have been wondering about the issue of uninterruptible power supply, KEBO Power Supply is a leader in addressing this issue on behalf of China. This company is a manufacturing enterprise that was established back in the year of 1984. This company is well known for its expertise in regard to its manufacturing expertise in the field of uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This company has thirty-five years of impressive experience. That is why KEBO now is the leading manufacturer prototype that possesses the expertise to engage in forming real power solutions in relation to the fluctuation of voltage that is experienced in many areas of China.


The good news is that KEBO Power Supply as a company possesses twenty-five engineers who are highly skilled and four hundred and fifty proficient employees who collaborate together on various projects within the work facility that measures 120,000 meters in size. This facility is top quality in every area, such as transformer, PCB, tooling, relay, metal sheet, plastic injection, assembly workshops, silkscreen, and even six assembly lines.


The sales team is professional at all levels and is pleased to serve ninety-five nations of the world. The factory is careful to implement the usage of ISO9001 2015. In addition, this manufacturing organization grants the provision of solutions related to OEM as well as ODM.


Moreover, as a result of the organization being under circumspect management, this manufacturer is able to engage in the supplying of products that offer prices that are competitive. The company also ensures the prompt delivery of all its products to all consumers. Further, the products are made with real quality that consumers can truly depend on. The company also has taken the extra precaution to ensure that every product undergoes the process of certification in an effort to keep up with the demands of safety standards on an international scale.


Introduction of Uninterruptible Power Supply


Because of the need for uninterruptible power supply, KEBO Power Supply realized the necessity of innovation for its products. Thus, all products are designed in order to make the product function in a comfortable manner that is truly the best solution for the customers.  


There is the conducting of market research and there is the studying of various diversified environments in which products are used. The discoveries are stimulated within the lab and there is much testing prior to the launching of the products before they become available on the market for consumers. The company takes into consideration the desire of consumers for power that is clean. The company continues to strategically advance in achieving many new milestones each year.


The company realizes the importance of the trustworthiness of its brand. This company has offered service to customers that is outstanding for many years. The trustworthiness of the company is demonstrated in the fact that it supplies products to customers who are located in ninety-five nations across the globe.    




The offline/standby sine wave UPS is the one that functions the most simply in comparison to other kinds of UPS. Its primary objective is to provide protection against surges and to promote the backup of batteries. When the power of the main is under stable conditions, the offline UPS functions via the usage of the bypass mode. Therefore, at this time, the main is supplying direct power to the device. If there is the onset of an immediate blackout, there will be switching from the main power instead to engage in the usage of the DC-AC inverter output that is supplied by the battery. This will happen as quickly as fewer than twenty-five milliseconds in an effort to avert the shutting down of any equipment in usage.The time regarding the occurrence of the backup is impacted by the intensity of the loading process and the capability of the strength of the battery.  


In regard to line interactive UPS, this system functions in a similar manner as UPS that is offline. However, this form applies the usage of a transformer that has a multi-tap variable voltage application, which is automatic. Electromagnetic induction is utilized in an effort to provide control in regard to conditions of high or low voltage.


The online UPS acts as a safety measure in scenarios when there is a need for the isolation of electrical applications. It is also used in such cases that equipment experiences sensitivity in regard to the loss of power.  The key principle pertaining to the functioning of the online UPS is quite similar to that of the line interactive UPS. Yet, it provides a stronger current in regard to AC to DC concerning the rectifier of the battery charger.  




Due to the fact that the UPS must implement the usage of a battery for a backup supply, this can seem inconvenient. Also, the batteries can wear out quickly.Another factor is that the online UPS is more expensive in comparison to the line interactive UPS.




KEBO Power Supply realizes the imperative need of quality concerning its products. Customers are seeking the best quality in the products that are made by this top quality manufacturer in the nation of China. That is why the company makes the careful effort to mandate that staff members of the sales team as well as the engineers travel to various nations in order to elevate the purchasing experience of the consumers. This is achieved by offering the most optimal after sales service to those who purchase products from KEBO.


Moreover, the company has a deep comprehension concerning the requirement of maintaining management that operates with determined efficiency. As a result, the company formulated an ERP system that is unique and the company also applies the model of the ISO9001 standard. The company recognizes the value in ensuring the reduction of costs and the benefit of providing pricing that is competitive. The company prides itself on being a manufacturer of power supplies which holds itself to a high level of professionalism and which possesses impressive skills in this particular industry in regard to the development of uninterruptible power supply.

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