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The role of special voltage stabilizer for laser machine


The voltage stabilizer is widely used in daily life and industrial applications, ranging from refrigerators, air conditioners, to aerospace, ships, stations and docks. Wherever there is voltage instability, there will be a regulator. If the machine encounters voltage instability during use, it may easily cause the device to fail to start.

Although the domestic power industry is currently very developed, and households have been electrified, technology is also developing rapidly. The development technology and speed of the power grid cannot be synchronized with industrial technology. This has also caused the current grid voltage in most industrial areas. Reasons for stability. The current high-power high-precision equipment is also rapidly developing. And the convenience brought to us is the inconvenience of voltage. Coupled with the popularity of industrial automation, it also brings more stringent requirements to our usual industrial electricity. For equipment in a large factory, voltage instability is a common occurrence. At this time, using an automatic voltage regulator can solve the problem of voltage instability.

For the role of a product, we must first understand the product itself, and the regulator is no exception. The voltage stabilizer, as the name suggests, is used to stabilize the voltage. It is divided into: three-phase 380V, single-phase 220V, efficiency ≥98%, the insulation level of the transformer reaches H level, it is used for long-term continuous work according to the equipment, to withstand short Overload within a period of time allows the device to operate normally, with functions of overvoltage and overcurrent.

For some high-precision equipment with high voltage requirements, the voltage requirements are very high. If the voltage is unstable, it will also affect our production. Take our laser machine as an example:

If the voltage supplied to the laser machine is insufficient, if it is a laser cutting machine, the cutting depth of the laser cutting machine will be insufficient, and it is very likely that the product will not be cut during cutting. For the laser marking machine, or the marking machine voltage is not enough, it is very likely that the use of marking is enough.

However, a special voltage stabilizer for the laser machine is added in front of the laser machine to provide a stable voltage so that the equipment can operate normally. It can convert the voltage that is too high or too high into the normal operating voltage range of the laser machine. So that the laser machine can work normally. It can also guarantee the normal operation of the laser machine.

As we all know, the price of a laser machine is very high. If you work under an unstable voltage for a long time, it will also cause damage to the laser machine. In addition to repairing the machine, the more serious is the impact on the delivery time. In addition to stabilizing the voltage, activating a dedicated voltage regulator also protects the laser from voltage damage, which is equivalent to adding a layer of protection to the laser.

Therefore, users must be equipped with a voltage stabilizer when purchasing a laser machine to solve future worries for the future use of the laser machine.

A special automatic voltage regulator is connected between the laser machine, the CNC machine tool and the power supply system. It is mainly used to prevent interference from external power grids, and the regulated power supply is suitable for inductive, capacitive, and resistive loads, can work continuously for a long time, and can withstand instantaneous overload (2-3 times the rated current).

Of course, some customers feel that their voltage is sufficient when choosing a laser machine. There is no need to spend an extra fee to buy an automatic voltage regulator. In fact, from a long-term development perspective, if the laser machine is not equipped with a voltage regulator, when When the voltage is unstable, the accuracy of the product is not accurate, and the laser is burned. Therefore, the special voltage stabilizer for the laser machine is only paid in the early stage, but for the later development, it is actually a small expenditure.

Characteristics of laser machine special voltage stabilizer:

1. The special voltage regulator for laser machine is formed by the combination of thyristor control circuit. It has no contact during the use and is maintenance-free. The voltage regulation accuracy reaches ±0.5%, and the voltage regulation accuracy can reach 40MS.

2. Safe and reliable: It has overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, short circuit, overheat protection and other functions, which can protect the load.

3. Strong preset function: output voltage value, protection limit, voltage regulation accuracy, voltage regulation speed can be arbitrarily set.

4. Bypass function, easy to maintain: can be switched between "regulated voltage" and "bypass power supply", which is convenient for maintenance when there is a fault.

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