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Solutions to continuous damage of 3 phase stabilizer


The solutions to the continuous damage of the 3 phase stabilizer? We know that the old burning power contactor of the three-phase voltage stabilizer is caused by the too small power of the contactor. And this situation often happens. Today we will talk about this topic. 

Then, how to solve this problem? First, Replace the larger contactor.

The voltage stabilizer cannot be started. Check whether the power grid has phase loss, phase failure, or abnormal power grid. At the same time, check whether the input voltage meets the scope of use of the machine. The troubleshooting method is to check the voltage of the input power supply.

If the voltage cannot be stabilized, check the working power supply of the control board, whether the input/output sampling circuit is in good contact or disconnected, and then check whether the fuse is blown. Remedy, replace the control board and replace the fuse.

When the voltage stabilizer fails to be judged and cannot be stopped, please use the voltage stabilizer temporarily in a through state.

Analysis and elimination of emergency power failure

The mains power is normal but the emergency power indicator does not light up, or the emergency power indicator light LCD menu displays "AC, LOSS". Check whether the mains circuit breaker or the cable connection on the circuit breaker supplying emergency power is good, the troubleshooting method, replace the circuit breaker, and check the cable connection.

In the normal state of the mains, the buzzer sounds, and the emergency power output should be checked to see if the load is overloaded. If it is overloaded, part of the load should be disconnected.

If the fault indicator is on, check that the transmission load is short 7a64e59b9ee7ad9431333363373037, or the control circuit is faulty, the inverter humidity is too high or the charger is faulty, please disconnect the emergency power input circuit breaker and contact the seller.

When the mains power is stopped, the emergency power supply has no output function. Check whether the connection wire between the battery pack or the input socket is in good contact, and the troubleshooting method is to reconnect the wire.

The emergency power supply is maintained every three months. Test the battery status and wipe the cabinet and ventilation grille holes with a vacuum cleaner or a clean soft cloth.

The above are the solutions to the continuous failure of the three-phase voltage stabilizer during use. We can gradually investigate the cause according to the above introduction, find out the problem, and solve it.

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