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Reliability of UPS Power Supply System


What are the reliability of UPS power supply system? Because UPS is not a separate operating system, but must be accompanied by other environmental factors, these external factors must also be taken into account. The backup time of the UPS battery is limited. If the power-off time is relatively long, resulting in the battery being discharged, the load will still be powered off. Therefore, the availability of UPS will be affected by the probability of long-term power outages in the city.


In order to solve this bottleneck, we can participate in a backup power supply with complementary features and batteries in the UPS power supply system: it does not need to respond quickly when the mains power is cut off, but it can continue to provide power under long-term power outages, and the fuel generator set is The most suitable choice. Therefore, it can participate in an automatic switching device in the configuration of the UPS system and switch to the generator set after the mains power failure. This can greatly improve the availability of the UPS system under long-term power outages.


Although an ATS for switching between mains and generator is connected in series in the availability path, which increases the probability of a problem in the monotonous path, it is still worthwhile compared to the availability problem caused by long-term power failure.


Another branch used in UPS power supply is the DC UPS system that is currently being developed. The idea of the DC system is to reduce the conversion link in the middle of the power system out of the intention of improving power, and the power distribution part is converted into DC from the original communication.


The ideal DC UPS system uses the inverter link of the UPS power supply in the communication system and the PFC link in the server power supply.


A blocking DC / DC link to replace, and then can improve power. However, in the DC UPS system, because the scale of the battery voltage is relatively large, in order to obtain a more optimized power curve, it is possible to use a two-stage structure in the server power supply of the latter stage. That is, through a simple conversion, the input scale of the server power supply blocking DC / DC conversion stage is reduced to obtain a better energy saving effect.


In this DC UPS system, there is no bypass circuit in the communication UPS power supply. There is only one mains to battery circuit. This circuit also has the effect of a charger. Therefore, from the perspective of the reliability of a single UPS, there are only two DC UPS reliability links, one of which is a two-level replacement plus auxiliary power supply and control board, and the other is a battery.


Compared with the communication UPS power supply, the DC UPS power supply reduces the bypass loop of the communication UPS and a loop to improve the availability. However, the battery directly supplies power to the load, and its availability is higher than that of the communication UPS. Therefore, in terms of availability, the DC power supply system has its advantages and disadvantages. But on the other hand, the DC system is easier to connect in parallel than the UPS communication, and then the method of increasing the number of parallel units can be used to increase availability.

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