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How to solve the problem of low voltage at home?


With the development of society, the use of electricity has become more frequent and more diverse, from the original household electricity only for lighting, to the current air conditioning, cooking, computers, mobile phones and so on. However, electricity has also changed steadily with use. In some areas, the voltage is low, which causes the lights to be unable to illuminate, the air conditioner cannot be cooled, the computer often freezes and restarts, and the mobile phone cannot be charged. A series of low voltage problems; High, resulting in frequent burning of electrical components or electrical equipment. Therefore, the best way to solve these problems is to install a voltage stabilizer for your own power grid. When the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, the voltage stabilizer will automatically sample the voltage stabilizer control circuit to send a signal to drive the servo motor, adjust the position of the stabilizer auto-voltage regulator carbon brush, and adjust the output voltage of the stabilizer to the rated value Value and reach a steady state.

I want to remind everyone here that before buying a voltage stabilizer, it is best to calculate the total power of the electrical appliances that need to be equipped with a voltage stabilizer, so as to avoid waste and prevent the trouble caused by insufficient power!

So, how to calculate and select the appropriate voltage stabilizer power? The specific calculation method is as follows:

The first step is to first determine whether your input is single-phase or three-phase power;

The second step is to turn on the electrical equipment during the peak electricity consumption period and then measure the voltage record value as A1; after the equipment is customized and run, the measured voltage record value is A2, A1≤380V≤A2 OR A1>A2≤380V

Select the voltage input range of the regulator according to the value of A1 A2;

The third step is to distinguish whether your equipment is an inductive load or a capacitive load; the AC power supply is based on the output apparent power (kVA) as the nominal rated capacity, and in general, the load is not purely resistive, that is, power The factor COS ¢ ≠ 1, the actual active power that the regulator can output kW = capacity (kVA) × COC ¢. Therefore, in the actual selection, the regulated power supply should be reasonably selected according to the specific conditions of the electrical equipment, such as the rated power, power factor and load type, and its output power should be left with a proper margin, especially for the impact load selection. To be larger, the specific selection safety factor. See the table below:

Load typeEquipment typeSafety factorChoose regulated power supply capacity
Inductive loadAir pumps, fans, motors, machine tools, printing presses, water pumps, air conditioners, etc.3-5 times3-5 times total load power
Capacitive loadTV, computer, fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.2-3 times2-3 times the total load power

In addition, it is better not to buy UPS if the voltage at home is low or high. It is not a concept with a voltage stabilizer. UPS is also called uninterruptible power supply system, which means that if your home suddenly loses power, it can continue to supply power. It is generally used for power supply of computers, network servers, shopping malls, Internet cafes, etc. The purpose is not to stabilize the voltage, but to keep the power supply off. For voltage stabilization, it does not work if the voltage does not exceed the UPS range, so it is recommended not to confuse these two things. The real stable electrical appliance is to re-integrate on the basis of your previous voltage to reach our normal voltage, which is 220V, so that all electrical appliances in your home can work normally and achieve the purpose of protecting electrical appliances.

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