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Four Considerations for UPS Power Supply Application


At present, there are many brands of UPS power supply products in the market, with uneven product quality and chaotic competition. How to buy a suitable UPS product, end users need to improve their understanding of UPS power supply Experts said that the selection of UPS uninterruptible power supplies can start with four major standards and choose products that meet their requirements in order to truly ensure the uninterrupted operation of daily business.


One of the standards, battery safety quality is the lifeline of UPS power supply


UPS power supply, as the name implies, is the most important function of uninterruptible power supply is to switch to the battery at the moment of power failure to continue to provide power supply for computers or other electrical appliances. The UPS uninterruptible power supply is the hardware that protects the safety of the electrical power of the hardware. Therefore, whether the quality of the backup battery is stable is one of the cores to ensure the normal operation of the UPS uninterruptible power supply. About 50% of the UPS uninterruptible power supply in the market is faulty or repaired All are caused by poor quality batteries. Therefore, when small and medium-sized enterprises buy UPS uninterruptible power supplies, they must choose the products of larger manufacturers and the original batteries of the manufacturers. In addition, the standard battery of most backup UPS uninterruptible power supply products can provide about 15 minutes of power time for users to store data, but there is no optional long delay package. The UPS uninterruptible power supply products of the Yikesai series can be purchased with long-time delay packages. At the same time, the batteries are also manufactured and configured by the original Yikesai factory. Charging and over-discharge protection functions help to extend the life of the whole machine and battery.


The second standard, the backup UPS power supply must have a voltage stabilizing function and must be equipped


The power supply of the power grid is at different peaks in different time periods, and there are many changes and instability factors. Therefore, users often encounter voltage instability during daily power consumption. In the work, due to the constant high and low voltage changes, it is easy to cause the computer to crash inexplicably, or the server is down for no reason. Therefore, another important function of UPS power supply is voltage stabilization. The UPS uninterruptible power supply used in the industry in the market has integrated voltage stabilization function, but the backup UPS uninterruptible power supply with standard voltage stabilization function for UPS uninterruptible power supply for small and medium-sized enterprises is rare. The YDK series backup UPS uninterruptible power supply of Yikesai Youdian in similar products in the market is a UPS uninterruptible power supply host that integrates AC voltage stabilizer, high-speed backup power supply and peak surge absorption, which meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The demand for the voltage stabilizing function also saves the secondary investment cost of the small and medium-sized enterprise to purchase the voltage regulator separately, and the user can purchase with confidence.


Standard No.3, UPS power supply needs to be simple to use and highly intelligent


Although the working principle of the UPS power supply is simple, the use and maintenance of many mid- and low-end UPS uninterruptible power supplies in the market are not trouble-free. For small and medium-sized enterprises, using traditional technology, UPS uninterruptible power supply that integrates automation and intelligence is really suitable for use. There is no need to invest more maintenance costs in the later stage, and training time can improve the work efficiency for SMEs. Yike Saiyou YDK series products have automatic functions such as automatic tracking of mains frequency; output short-circuit protection; dry contact communication and other self-diagnosis functions: power-on self-diagnosis function: UPS uninterruptible power supply automatically simulates power-off status when starting up , Battery and other components and load self-test, easy to find problems in time, even if the UPS uninterruptible power supply fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the computer.


Standard No. 4: Industrial design of UPS power supply also needs to be scientific


Many small and medium-sized enterprises have limited space in computer rooms or server racks, so small or rack-mounted servers are more suitable. At the same time, more and more users pay more attention to appearance when purchasing products. Many small and medium users are very fond of their facades, and after all, the bulky and unsightly UPS power supply will affect the overall appearance of some corporate office environments. Therefore, the elegant and beautiful appearance of UPS uninterruptible power supply is also one of the most important factors in the purchase.


UPS uninterruptible power supply after-sales service is a common concern of small and medium-sized enterprises. If you are searching for one reliable UPS manufacturer, you can visit KEBO.

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