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Can an AC voltage regulator be used to regulate DC voltage?


Can an AC voltage regulator be used to regulate DC voltage? The answer is certainly No. The working principle of AC voltage regulator is equal to an autotransformer. The voltage at the input does not change, and then a part of the voltage is taken from the input coil as the output. When the number of turns of this coil changes due to the movement of the sliding arm on the input coil, the output voltage also follows Change, so as to adjust the output. The input terminal of the AC voltage regulator is connected to the power supply, and the output terminal is connected to the load. After the voltage of the output terminal is lowered, the output load current must be greater than the input terminal power supply current.

The principle of the DC voltage regulator is that the single-phase AC power is converted into a stable DC power supply through the power transformer, rectifier circuit, filter circuit and voltage stabilizing circuit, and the entire process of input and output from the AC power grid includes:

1. Input filter: Its function is to filter the clutter existing in the power grid, and it also prevents the clutter generated by the machine from being fed back to the public power grid.

2. Rectification and filtering: The AC adjustable DC constant current source of the power grid is directly rectified into smoother DC power for the next level of conversion.

3. Inverter: Turn the rectified DC power into high-frequency AC power. This is the core part of the high-frequency switch adjustable DC constant current source. The higher the frequency, the smaller the ratio of volume, weight and output power.

4. Output rectification and filtering: According to the needs of the load, provide a stable and reliable DC adjustable DC constant current source.

Therefore, AC voltage regulator is different from DC voltage regulator. Before choosing the voltage regulator, you should clear the purchase purpose.

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