Working principle of the air conditioning system components, such as how much you know. . . KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-03-27
< p > dry filters: < / p > < p > it is used to absorb moisture in the system, to filter the impurity in the refrigerant, KEBO power supply is mainly in order to prevent the expansion valve hole is blocked. < / p > < p > lens: < / p > < p > it can be directly observed how much refrigerant in the system, a circle lens center at the same time, his color can reflect the cold agent in water content < / p > < p > high voltage protection: < / p > < p > installed on high pressure part of refrigeration system, when the high pressure part cooling refrigeration system pressure reaches the set pressure, high pressure, to cut off the compressor power. < / p > < p > low voltage protection: < / p > < p > when the refrigeration system part of the refrigerant pressure below the set pressure, low pressure protector action, to cut off the compressor power. < / p > < p > compressor: < / p > < p > it's role is to flow from the evaporator of the low pressure refrigerant vapor compression, increase the pressure of steam to the condensing temperature corresponding condensing pressure, thus ensuring refrigerant vapor can be condensed liquid at room temperature. < / p > < p > condenser: < / p > < p > KEBO said the role of the condenser is bigger, let the gaseous refrigerant medium heat release to the environment in order to achieve the cooling liquid heat exchanger. < / p > < p > evaporator: < / p > < p > let cryogenic liquid refrigerant and need cooling medium to exchange heat exchanger. < / p > < p > expansion device: < / p > < p > used to regulate the cold agent circulation cooling system components. < / p > < p > < / p >
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