Working principle of integrated cabinet air conditioning -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Cabinet air conditioner used in integrated cabinet, cabinet air conditioner is a kind of can is very damp in the air conditioning equipment to operate in the environment, this equipment adopts the high efficiency of the fan, the cost of production is very high. Let's together to understand the working principle of the device. 1, cabinet air conditioner according to the principle of refrigeration is divided into steam compression type air conditioner, air conditioning and semiconductor vortex tube steam compression type cabinet air conditioner by air conditioning compressor to compress refrigerant, condensation heat release, and evaporation heat to lower the temperature of the environment, when installed on the control cabinet, can be in an airtight, will access the calorimeter to transfer outside the tank, thereby avoiding the external environment of high temperature dust, corrosive gas into the control cabinet, due to the above problems. Constant and the temperature and humidity control cabinet are always in the ideal state, make the electronic components are obtained by the stability of the life and work. Migration of semiconductor air conditioning through electronic transfer of energy, no refrigerant and compressor, air conditioning of the structure is compact, small refrigerating capacity and COP is low. 2, the working principle of vortex tube air conditioning is: after the compressed air through the vortex tube into a cold and hot two strands of airflow. Heat flow through the vortex tube exhaust discharge at a slightly higher pressure, cold air flow through the shunt import fever within the chassis parts, lower and stable internal temperature of the chassis, the outside air into the chassis. At low cost, reliable performance of the vortex tube cooler as the core components, refrigeration cabinets, compressed air temperature can be reduced to 45 degrees. 3, cold fever parts of the air flow through the shunt import screen ark inside ark form positive pressure at the same time, the outside air could not enter, cooling and purification of effective cabinets. Those small compact multi-functional electronic control system, variable speed drive system, servo system and programmable logic control system is extremely sensitive to heat and pollution. Overheating caused these sensitive electronic electrical component failure, digital display system drift error display, control system and system in the case of below the rated load parking misoperation. Result is due to a machine or production line often stop and reduce the production efficiency of the fan can only provide insufficient cooling effect, of dirt, moisture, corrosion and often the environment air into the ark, lead to electrical equipment damage. Air conditioning is big, difficult to install and often maintenance, high operating cost. Eddy current losses in the refrigerator no moving parts, use only one internal vortex tube to convert the compressed air to low pressure, evenly distributed in the screen cabinet of air conditioning.
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