Will become an OBM in future?
Will strive for being an OBM. An OBM is responsible for everything, from the production and development, supply chain, delivery to the marketing. As an OBM, we will be a company based on service. Its focus will not only be on product quality, but also product solutions and services. Although a shift to OBM requires more knowhow and capital input into branding and marketing channels, it is an irreversible trend.

KEBO is a wall surge protector brand with modern production capacity. The servo stabilizer series has become a hot product of . With durable construction, KEBO power protector shows a superior endurance performance. . KEBO products are highly demanded in the market for their high performance and durability. Built-in CPU ensures the consistency and stability of the KEBO AVR. . power solution,ac power supply is of great market competitiveness.

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