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by:KEBO      2020-05-15
Now a lot of data center construction level is uneven, especially in the energy problem, such as heat dissipation, power supply, cost, limits the data center, the effective use of them in addition to the inefficient and blind state, still face problems such as repeated construction, so the traditional data center is & other; Solid & throughout; , lack of flexibility and extensibility, along with the increase of the business development and application of abuses in traditional data show, the leading enterprise in reflecting on problems in data center construction, explore new data center construction mode, then the micro modular data center has a development trend of the data center, and is expected to replace traditional large-scale data center room. Micro modular data center is one of the most hot concept in data center construction field, the modular construction method can greatly shorten the construction period of the data center, cost savings, at the same time makes data center construction is simple and quick, and domestic Internet bosses in the past two years are beginning to try to micro module data center construction. Modular data center has realized the prefabricated in the factory, greatly shorten the period of time. Modular UPS at the same time compared to the traditional UPS for rapid expansion. The whole cabinet, micro module and container type deployment data center can be greatly shorten the construction cycle. Now the Internet enterprise is the data center construction and application of large, so they must be in IDC's exploration extent represents the development direction of the industry. Micro module according to the data center and open operation, according to the conclusion with the method of micro module construction of data center, the smaller the particle size, more flexible, and no longer limited to the narrow space inside the container, move operations such as more flexible and convenient. Modular UPS power as a more excellent products, after more than ten years of development, has been industries such as telecommunications, transportation, and media accepted by the customer, in big data and the developing trend in the mobile Internet, modular UPS steps will further accelerate the large-scale applications.
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