Whether in UPS power front add a leakage protection switch -

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
Whether in UPS power front add a leakage protection switch, first of all, we need to understand the working principle of leakage protection switch, leakage switch inside is to set a zero sequence current transformer is capable of detecting current. Usually, wire, load, the relationship between the zero line is in series, the current is equal, when leakage occurs, some current will happen reflux, influences of fire and uneven distribution of zero line current, this part of the current can be detected, when residual current reaches the set value, the leakage protection switch will start to work. Because of UPS power output is going through inverter transformation, it will produce certain voltage between zero line and ground, causing current difference. Because the UPS power supply itself can adjust voltage, different UPS regulating range is different, hard to do all of the UPS can be equipped with a leakage switch. It can be said that UPS is actually a leakage equipment, UPS is in normal work mode, the filtering of the mains grid, rectifier, regulated operation, in order to clean output of alternating current (ac), will release the small current, when the current value reaches the threshold, residual current circuit breaker will work. Therefore, in the front of UPS power supply must not increase the leakage protection switch. In both under normal working mode of UPS, and output voltage in the grid system is not clean, is likely to lead to the leakage protection switch tripping.
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