What's the use of computer room precision air conditioning - between row column

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
Due to the server or data centers use of heat dissipation is more and more big, the communication equipment itself with the traditional air-conditioning refrigeration mode have already can't meet the requirements of equipment for wet, temperature, in order to achieve high efficiency cooling equipment, do not produce local overheating, cold air must be organized into internal heat removal equipment, using cold at this time, channel segregation or closed cold, hot channel way can effectively control because of the cold air and hot airflow short circuit, which reduces the cooling effect. Row column between the design of the computer room precision air conditioning is cold wind from the cooling channel the level of the supply by the thermal channel after return air supply way, the way to completely solve the problem that the cold and hot air short circuit, ensure the server cabinet temperature uniformity, eliminates the local hot spots, and increase the operation reliability of the server at the same time effectively reduce the unnecessary cost. Computer room precision air conditioning has chilled water type between row column column cooling single coil level between supply air, chilled water cooling between column double coil level air supply unit and direct expansion air-cooled cooling unit between the columns. Cooling capacity is 7. 5 - 50 kw, in order to solve the different application conditions, high heat density data of the machine room of air conditioning schemes.
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