What's the point - battery in the ups system-KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-03-29
< p > the battery has been widely used in UPS, its variety, complete models, different specifications, but according to its basic nature acid batteries and alkaline batteries can be divided into two categories: < / p > < p > acid battery: acid battery electrolyte is generally by dilute sulphuric acid ( H2SO4) Or colloidal form sulfate, plate made of lead Pb and the alumina PbO2, storage charge through chemical reaction, have the effect of battery energy storage. < / p > < p > alkaline batteries, alkaline batteries are usually composed of potassium hydroxide KOH electrolyte or sodium hydroxide (NaOH Caustic soda) Composition. Plate varies due to the structure of the battery. Such as nickel cadmium battery positive plate is nickel hydroxide Ni ( 哦) 3, the negative plate is cadmium Cd; Iron nickel positive plate of the battery is nickel hydroxide Ni ( 哦) 3, the negative plate is iron Fe; Silver zinc plate is the batteries are silver peroxide Ag203, negative plate is zinc zinc. < / p > < p > in UPS power supply system, battery maintenance free storage battery USES mostly. Battery in UPS power supply system, the main function is to store electricity, once the mains interruption, supplied by the battery discharge inverter, the inverter will cells release the dc into sinusoidal alternating current (ac), to maintain the power supply output of UPS, to ensure normal power of load in a certain period of time. < / p > < p > when normal power grid in the rectifier and battery To store electrical energy in the charging circuit, as well as the dc have the effect of smoothing filtering, and the inverter overload occurs, have the effect of buffer. Ups uninterruptible power supply brand, Germany sun batteries, ups dealers, battery agent, wholesale battery, battery distributors, battery manufacturers, ups agent, storage battery, progress, battery KEBO storage battery, panasonic battery, the battery, and battery, shuangdeng battery, yuasa battery < / p > < p > in daily work, people often one-sided think is maintenance-free battery and do not add value. However due to the unreasonable use of battery, the battery electrolyte of dry, thermal runaway, early internal short circuit capacity loss, and other issues, which seriously affects the reliability of power supply system. < / p > < p > there are data show that the battery failure caused by the UPS host failure or work abnormal proportion is about 60%. Therefore, to strengthen the correct use and maintenance of UPS battery, to extend the service life of battery, reduce failure rate, UPS power supply system is more and more important significance. < / p > < p > ( The information is from the network) < / p > < p > < / p >
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