What's the advantage - modular data center

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Modular data center is to point to each module has the function of the independent, unified input/output interface, different parts of the module can be backup each other, through the related module of permutation and combination of form a complete data center. There are many kinds of modular form, can be design methods and ideas, or products. On the modular design method, including the space decorate on adopting modular design, data center on the functional system also adopts modular design, can be divided into modules, when building floors, installment construction. In product form, modular data center has several forms: modular products, micro module ( 微型单元) And container type data center. Among them, the modular products with modular, modular UPS precision air conditioning, such as modular wiring; Micro module is typical with cabinet microenvironment, refers to a number of frame as the basic unit, contains the cooling module, power supply module, wiring, and network monitoring, fire control, independent running unit, all components can be prefabricated in a factory, the module and flexible disassembly, rapid assembly; Container type data center can be thought of as a standardized, factory prefabrication and pre-test large modular data center products and solutions. The advantages of a modular system, modular system scalability modular infrastructure can be deployed according to the current IT requirements, and can in the future according to the need to add more components. This will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. Second, modular system can be more modification can by a new configuration module in the system, to meet the demand of changing IT offers great flexibility. Three, modular system of portability in the installation, upgrade, reconfigure or mobile modular, independent components, standard interface and is easy to understand structure, which saves time and save money. Four, modular components of the failure of the replaceability of modules can be easily replaced, in order to upgrade or repair, and often not to stop system is running. Five, modular can improve the quality of fault repair module of portable and pluggable characteristics makes a lot of work can be done in the factory, both prior to delivery, Such as distribution equipment wiring in advance) And after the delivery of the goods ( If the repair of the power module) 。 From a statistical point of view, the same job in the factory to finish than in site operation, the performance and capacity to use and again failure rate is much lower, for example, compared with the repair at the scene of UPS power supply module, repair the module in the factory in new fault cause power outages, or cannot be restored to full working state has lower risk of thousands of times. Six, modular data center can control the energy consumption in terms of energy consumption, modular data center can be centrally managed to control energy consumption, and improve equipment utilization, thus reduce the waste of resources. At the same time, because of cold and hot channel closed frame was optimized power and data cable within the path, the deployment server installation, module airflow organization institution, modular data center PUE value has been greatly reduced. Traditional data centers in the construction of infrastructure and hardware equipment deployment process due to the cost, construction difficulty and operational management difficulty, and many other elements, it has promoted the rapid development of the modular data center from the side, although the industry for modular data center still have doubts, but we are from many enterprise manufacturers at home and abroad in recent years it is not hard to see among technology, product development, the future of modular data center will be a period of rapid growth.
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