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by:KEBO      2020-05-12
Modern data center many are using thermal channel structure and layout of cooling channel to save energy and reduce cooling costs, this layout can maximize the separation of cold air and hot air, make full use of air conditioning, fan to reduce the temperature of the IT equipment. Usually, cold channel output pipe for air conditioning. Hot air output of the line is called thermal channel and thermal channel ducts for air conditioning. The most practical data center hot channel cooling channel plan is in line with the server rack, arranged to import the side of the cold air, the export of the hot air towards the other side. Effective through cold channel hot channel to regulate the temperature of a data center equipment, and elevated floor height, the front door of the cabinet, air holes, the placement of cabinets will affect the cooling machine cabinets server can. And most will adopt the dense with a hole arc door, this design better solves the hot and cold tunnel placement problem. Even though the server rack manufacturer always emphasize the importance of the cabinet door, in fact the airflow inside the cabinet also plays an important role in the server heat dissipation. Rack in the blind flange is also very important, if not in the server install blind plate, then through the gaps between air and hot air mixing, will decline the refrigeration power, waste of the cold air. Using thermal channel/cold layout data center will pay special attention to cabinet between row and row spacing, computer room air conditioning each channel is necessary to adjust to the best distance to ensure efficient cooling and heat dissipation. This brief cabinet layout way though in use all over the world, but not to clarify it is sure. With examples, points out that in 50 kw/m2 in the high power density data center, this layout because of the lack of hot and cold air handling precision, even installed a lot of blind flange, but there is still a hot bypass air, and circulation, cause many hot. As the data center power density is higher and higher, computer room air conditioning only after cold and hot channel layout method cannot have satisfied data center cooling requirements. So to contain cold and hot channel flow is already begun by the user, at present, KEBO is developing further use of cabinets to more sophisticated skills separation of hot and cold air, complete the higher density of data center cooling.
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