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by:KEBO      2020-04-20
The output capacitor is PWM inverter output filter capacitor, it with the inverter output transformer ( Or inductance) Of filter circuit, not compensation capacitance. Its size is determined by the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of filter design, not by the output reactive power calculation. With the filter capacitor, for example, in the case of higher harmonic is out, for fundamental wave is a fixed capacitor circuit. UPS output regardless of whether there is a load, and whether the load size, inverter always to supply such a capacitive current. For the perceptual load, can reduce the current inverter, and for capacitive load, and increases the inverter current. The reasons for this problem is due to the UPS, the value of the load power factor at rated capacity. Double conversion UPS general provisions of 0. 8 ( Or 0. 7) , under the condition of the selected power devices. But also can set to 1, the specific data is different. Delta transform UPS also is same, it is to work in the battery case and double transformation without output transformer of high frequency machine UPS is the same. To select the inverter power devices and high frequency machine is the same. So the load power factor 1, is the manufacturer to determine when the design. Of course, because such a design, 10 kva UPS can take 10 kw load power factor to 1. So the effect of capacitance is a function of the filter in UPS power supply rather than compensation.
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