What kind of system - computer room air conditioning is

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
What is computer room air conditioning system for the room for IT equipment within the data safety, install enough room precision air conditioning is necessary. Nowadays, many enterprises are using the computer room precision air conditioning, on the one hand, can be efficient energy-saving environmental protection, more important is to make the equipment in a relative constant temperature and humidity environment, ensure data integrity and reliability. Many people may not know our mouth say what kind of computer room precision air conditioning system, we can deep understanding from the following several aspects: 1, the room has a complete monitoring system. Real-time monitoring room internal environment and air conditioning work state, returned by various sensors to the data to let the operator corresponding to handle, in order to control the normal and reliable equipment operation environment. 2, computer room air conditioning humidification heating system most are respectively based on heating water and electricity heating of the heat pipe. Unit 3, to coordinate the internal air cleanliness, the ventilation system is little not. The air conditioning internal air processing in time, under the proper gas velocity, can be suspended in the air filter to remove dust. 4, refrigeration cycle system is made up of compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve. Each play their own ability, when the refrigerant evaporation absorbs heat in the process of evaporation for cooling. Refrigerant as important working medium in the refrigeration cycle, it is compressed into a high-temperature high-pressure gas compressor power, and then to the condenser, in the condition of high pressure cooling, will slowly cooling into liquid, through the throttle device, make high pressure refrigerant liquid can quickly reduce pressure inside the evaporator boiling slowly, to achieve the goal of refrigeration. 5, some room is subject to the environment, can't install the condenser, outdoor unit through the internal water cooled condenser unit, is a good way to solve this problem. In order to be able to the refrigerant evaporation cooling condenses into liquid, through the way of electric control, controlling water through the heat exchanger to control the condensing pressure. Handle down through the high temperature of water, dry and cool.
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