What is the UPS battery connection technique? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
1, first of all, the mind clear, UPS battery installation environment to clean, less people, don't be worry, link to be clear, when installation, off the phone advice, don't chat with customers, more can't install while answering curious customers chatter of a series of problems, such distractions, it's easy to an accident; 2, UPS battery to before on physical examination, and measure the open circuit voltage, so as not to rework; One end of the cable connected to the battery, on the other side should be insulated protection or in its hand with a grip that prevent to should not take place, cause lighter; 3, one end of the cable is connected and the other end connection should be gently point once again to connect the column, and even wrong attachment and is in a column on the ignition, not disaster; Or measuring the differential pressure to connect two, zero can be connected; 4, two people connected at the same time, the corresponding UPS battery should have no connection or potential relationship. For two people with potential, each link of battery such as potential difference exists, UPS battery and form a loop, electric shock accidents may occur; After 5, UPS battery series, the total is negative between the total voltage is higher, in the MCCB ( The battery switch) Each line connection, should be connected to the first MCCB, then connected to the corresponding cell; Or leave a breakpoint in the battery pack, complete the connection of MCCB and UPS battery connection again after the breakpoint; For multigroup parallel UPS battery pack, each group should be beheaded, and after the MCCB terminal connection with multimeter test polarity connection will break again.
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