What is the row - computer room precision air conditioning dripping

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
1, there is difference in temperature, causing the outlet water as we all know, in use process, often lead to indoor and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, if often open the door, will lead to the outdoor air intrusion, easy to let the condensation water outlet happen, reduce access frequency can reduce the occurrence of this kind of situation. Appropriate to raise or lower the temperature, reduce the wind temperature and the temperature difference between the indoor air, also can effectively reduce the dripping phenomenon. 2, poor drainage, condensed water overflow indoor machine in the process of refrigeration, will produce condensate, generally smoothly through the water dish, a drain, and smooth discharge outside. If there is a poor drainage, water will accumulate on the plate, beyond the limit will flow out, resulting in drop of water is leaking. The reasons are: indoor machine slope is not enough, did not reach 1/100 of the requirements; Drainage pipe used for a long time, pipe bending; The accumulation of too much dirt in pipeline, affect the discharge of condensed water. 3, pipe insulation work not doing indoor machine drops of water, can also be beautiful and cold ling condensate drain pipe insulation work as well. As we all know, in the process of running, the tube through the water and air, there is a certain temperature difference if pipe direct contact with air, easy to produce gel. During the installation process, therefore, make sure to do a good job of insulation, ensure that the quality of the insulation cotton. A drop of water, need not too nervous, find the reason, take measures, can be easily done. Recommend to use correctly, there is a problem to consulting professionals, in a timely manner as soon as possible to solve, can better guarantee the efficiency of air conditioning, prolong service life.
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