What is the requirement of UPS power inverter? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
( 1) Output alternating current voltage stability, whether the input voltage fluctuation due to voltage fluctuations or any other situation requires the inverter output voltage in the range of the stable precision when static general & plusmn; 2%. ( 2) Inverter output voltage and its frequency is adjustable, adjustable output voltage range for & plusmn; 5%, adjustable output frequency range for & plusmn; 2Hz。 ( 3) With overload protection ability, general can overload a 125% to 150%. When overload 150% to last 30 s, when overload 125% can lasts 1 min or longer. Overload protection ability can reach 115% when the normal work, 125% when 10 m, 1 m, when 150% 200% when 1 s. ( 4) The output of the frequency of the alternating current to within a stable precision, when static general & plusmn; o. 5%. ( 5) Output waveform is sine wave and reduce the harmonic distortion, should be done to control the output of small distortion rate less than 7%, reduce the volume of filter. ( 6) Can be recycled in energy flow, decrease as far as possible in flow loss, in order to improve the efficiency of the inverter. ( 7) With short circuit, overload, overheating, over-voltage, under voltage protection and alarm functions. ( 8) Should have fast transient response. ( 9) Starting to smooth, starting current is smaller, more stable and reliable running.
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