What is the operation of the modular UPS work? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Standby when mains input power supply, modular UPS before start is on standby mode, if you have installed the battery, the function of charging will take effect. Power supply in standby mode, will not load. Online grid rectifier into dc rectifier equipment, and the electricity supply inverter and battery charger. Inverter dc whole wave processing, put it into a pure and stable alternating current, load power supply. In the power grid in a battery, UPS will automatically switch battery mode. In a power outage, it is important load power don't interrupt. Battery supply power to the rectifying device and the dc inverter supply. Inverter for dc electric wave processing, put it into a pure steady alternating current (ac), will be to load power supply. Bypass when the mains input, modular UPS bypass mode is before start at the beginning of start. When an exception occurs after the start UPS, static switch will start, load transfer from inverter to bypass the power supply, power supply does not occur. When condition remove, UPS will return to online mode. ECOECO mode can set menu is enabled through the LCD panel. In ECO mode, bypass the power supply voltage and frequency at the rated range, then the load from the bypass power supply. Bypass the power supply is not in rated range when the UPS from the bypass into the load power supply power inverter. Shutdown in closed and no mains supply, UPS UPS will be in shutdown mode. Have to cut electric discharge voltage of the battery in UPS, UPS also will enter into shutdown mode. When the UPS is in shutdown mode, will close UPS of control power. Rectifier, charger and inverter will be closed. Maintenance bypass modular UPS configuration manual bypass switch. When UPS itself can't power supply, if need maintenance, can guarantee the important load of uninterrupted power supply. Prior to servicing the bypass mode, to ensure that the bypass of the specifications of the power supply at the rated range.
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