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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
In view of the room for all the equipment and the environment for centralized monitoring and management system is called a machine room monitoring system, machine room monitoring object composition of each subsystem: dynamic system, environment system, fire-fighting system, security system, network system, etc. Computer monitoring and control system based on network integrated wiring system, adopts the distributed monitoring, placed in the machine room monitoring room monitoring host, running monitoring software, centralized monitoring of the various subsystems in a unified interface. Computer monitoring and control system for real-time monitoring equipment running status and working parameters of each system component failure or parameters abnormality, take timely multimedia animation, voice, phone, short message alarm, a variety of ways, the history data and alarm events, the intelligent diagnosis expert advice and remote monitoring management functions as well as WEB browsing and so on. Computer monitoring and control system for power system monitoring including room all of the power equipment, such as high voltage power distribution, low voltage power distribution, diesel generator set, power distribution cabinet, UPS, dc power supply system, battery, etc. Power supply control system the main loop of the monitoring of primary and secondary ac power distribution cabinet and various parameters of each loop. Such as voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, etc. ; Monitor switch switch state at all levels. Display and record the changes of various parameters curve, and to handle all kinds of alarm status to record and report to the police. Dc power supply system is a computer room monitoring system to monitor the state of the input mains, battery voltage and their status, display and record the change of the battery voltage, battery temperature curve, and the various real-time record of the state of alarm and alarm processing. All kinds of size range, equipment type and quantity of different branches of the network equipment room is widely distributed in the user areas, due to the lack of the scale of the network operation system and operational system, large Numbers of unattended engine room of the physical environment, power distribution conditions, equipment operation condition, the condition of human activity, and changes the condition of fire including possible crisis situations, are unable to get timely detection and treatment, it is not easy to be effective attenuation, and the geographical distance between buildings and the area lies between management and maintenance of the inconvenience caused by the morning comprehensive operational cost and construction cost is huge. To ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of organization, to ensure good operation of network equipment and equipment service life and security, realize the user's largest investment benefit, it is necessary to network running environment of electric power supply, temperature, humidity, water, air, dust content and so on many environment variables, UPS, air conditioning, fresh air, dust, moisture and other equipment running state variables, which can adjust the 24 hours of real-time monitoring and intelligent control, to ensure the stability of operation environment of network and network security software and hardware resources, equipment and related information data assets security. Design construction of a physical environment to network, equipment state variables, and an overall inspection on security, fire control, regulation and control of intelligent automatic alarm, the management of distributed remote control system, so as to realize the intelligent and networking of network maintenance management itself, from the physical bottom began to guarantee the network security has become to the current chief priority of information construction of class organization.
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