What is the distinguishing feature of communication UPS power supply? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
A, strong environmental adaptation KEBO UPS cabinet adopts the design of high resistance, low temperature, fully consider the shading, heat insulation, ventilation, air cooling, heat exchange design measures, such as maintain machine cabinets, guarantee the normal work of the system, can adapt to 0 & deg; Run ~ + 40 ℃ environment. 2, configuration, flexible configuration, dc power supply system by the ac input, communication lightning protection, ac distribution, distribution of dc, dc modules such as thunder, battery pack, input, output, specification and quantity of shunt flexible configuration. Three KEBO UPS system has a good lightning protection design, lightning protection design, it has lightning protection module, provide effective lightning protection and other protection, to prevent lightning damage to equipment. Make the equipment more durable, convenient installation and maintenance KEBO four UPS system to realize the positive maintenance operations, and have enough space to maintain, ac/dc components can be easily replaced. At the same time can provide a variety of optional installation accessories, meet derrick, hanging, fall to the ground and other installation requirements. Modular UPS uninterruptible power supply does not need specialist maintenance, general engineer can be operational power module through online hot plug, within 5 min, two people can complete replacement. Compared with tower factory professional UPS uninterruptible power supply complex complex operations, and save a lot of time and cost of operations.
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