What is the difference between UPS power supply and voltage regulator -

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Voltage stabilizer and UPS in our life today is very extensive, the computer can see the figure of UPS and UPS for computer is a very important part of the voltage regulator is used more widely. What is the difference between UPS and voltage regulator, a concrete analysis as follows: 1. Voltage regulator: it is designed for voltage instability, mainly as a backend equipment protection, to protect equipment function better. General large UPS must also be equipped with bypass system voltage. Voltage regulator of the scope is very broad, almost need to use electricity. Can use to ( Of course the premise is unstable voltage) 。 Generally with the computer in the home, such as televisions, choose high precision automatic voltage regulator, is called SVC ac voltage stabilizer on the market, the price also true; If is used in industry is, of course, the high power ac voltage stabilizer, there are mechanical and electronic, general electronic is no need to replace carbon brush, simple and convenient, but the low voltage electricity place, choose can manually adjust the mechanical regulator is reasonable, will manually adjust voltage, guarantee the normal work of the machine. 2. UPS is divided into online type and back-up type, equipped with general computer is belong to backup, it belongs to a kind of emergency power; Backup is regulated parts, a kind of electronic switching voltage stabilizer, can be used as stabilizer, but the effect is not ideal; On-line UPS: on-line UPS at work, first of all the mains into direct current to the UPS battery, the inverter the dc power supply, inverter for ac load because of the grid after a ac to dc to ac conversion process, so the original interference in grid and pulse voltage components have been very filter clean, therefore, the on-line UPS inverter voltage is stable. High frequency UPS has the advantage of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, its harm is overload shock resistance is poor. For voltage stabilizer and UPS all did very good introduction and specification above hope I can for you to understand these stabilizer and UPS can have very good help to you in later life can be very easy to distinguish them and for them to better use.
The global market was valued at stabiliser for ac in three phase voltage regulator and is expected to reach a market value of stabiliser for ac by three phase voltage regulator, with a CAGR of stabiliser for ac during the forecast period.
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