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by:KEBO      2020-05-09
What is the difference between rack mount UPS and tower UPS? How to choose the UPS? Speaking of rack mount UPS and tower UPS, they are a kind of UPS uninterruptible power supply, can support equipment system after a power outage continue to work for a period of time to enable users to inventory of emergency, the user does not affect work or loss of data due to power outages. Question, however, what is essentially the difference between both? Rack mount UPS: is a main application in centralized power supply power supply equipment, security system integration is the system the inevitable product of standardization management and centralized management. Can be sine wave output, zero switching time. Tower UPS: see at most is also one of the most easy to understand the server structure type, because of its shape and structure are similar to vertical PC, of course, is due to a server motherboard extensibility, the slot and more out of a pile, so some bigger than ordinary motherboard, so the tower UPS host chassis is bigger than the standard ATX case, usually set aside enough internal space so that the hard drives and power supply redundancy to expand in the future. A, what is the difference between rack mount UPS and tower UPS? Actually rack mount UPS and tower UPS no difference in performance, the biggest different ways on different installation way. Second, rack mount UPS installation and tower UPS installation: the difference between institutional UPS installation in a standard rack, the structure is similar to the server. Tower of UPS is placed separately, the ground installation, the space requirement. Choose frame type or do you want to see your UPS tower put environment and space size. Rack mount UPS can guide rail fixed within the standard network cabinets, tower UPS is generally on the ground, not on the rack. Simple: UPS installation tower, frame type two kinds, and the server installation mode. Tower UPS is the traditional vertical structure, literally a squat down somewhere. Rack mount UPS is can be installed inside the 19-inch standard server rack, save floor space, neat appearance, like a rack mount server. Rack mount UPS compared with traditional vertical ( Tower) Structure of UPS, can be installed in the standard rack, save area and space, easy to install, use and maintenance, to be able to use a shorter power cable connection. By reducing the key equipment and load between the point of failure, the availability of the whole system can be improved. Three, rack mount UPS power compared with tower UPS power advantage: advantage of rack mount UPS: 1. Simple installation, easy expansion, save investment. 2. Racks of UPS power supply can make the power supply system on demand, make capacity along with the development of the business to achieve & other; The dynamic growth & throughout; Both meet the demand of the later business extension, and reduce the user's initial acquisition cost. 3. Parallel redundancy, stable operation, high reliability. Fourth, how to choose the tower UPS UPS and rack type? This basically see the customer actual demand, installation area, the demand for power, put the environment, and so on. UPS to put the environment is the key to distinguish between the tower and rack mount UPS UPS, if you need to have a tidy room or is the requirement of high environmental working group requires the racks of UPS power supply, otherwise tower UPS have more advantages. Work stability and efficiency at the same time is also the key to choose power frequency machine stable job security is a little higher than the high frequency machine, but the efficiency is lower; High frequency machine with high efficiency but lower stability. In short all need enterprises according to their own specific needs. Can save electricity and down posture UPS products are widely used in telecommunications, electric power, public security, fire control, radio and television, financial, military, industry, such as the Internet, matching integration equipment include: integration of communication base station, power distribution cabinets, data center, modular integration products, etc.
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