What is the difference between inverter power supply and UPS power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
A, through the DC inverter power source ( A direct current) Turn the AC ( Alternating current (ac)) The UPS power supply is there are three kinds of model bypass mode, the utility model, battery model. Second, in general inverter is simply a shift, there is no blocking the impurities in electricity. The direct current into alternating current (ac) devices and inverter. Bypass mode is directly go three, UPS power grid is not by UPS power source host, the grid pattern is through the rectifier machine, electric mains of the impurity blocking, again through the host's own inverter, the power is output to the equipment, and the battery model is through the direct current ( Battery electric) Through the inverter output to the equipment. This makes a good protection equipment. Four, inverter power supply and UPS power supply system on the function and principle of roughly the same, they can realize the function of the following two aspects: 1. Provide a way to adjust voltage change, eliminate all kinds of electrical interference, provide high quality power supply way; 2. In the ac mains failure, to ensure that the necessary backup power supply capacity. The biggest difference is that both need to configure the UPS battery, backup time is shorter, and the inverter power supply furnished without battery, can be directly used to the rating voltage of dc panel of the telecom room, its capacity is larger, can guarantee the network run uninterrupted over a long period of time.
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