What is the classification of the cabinet

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
With the development of computer and network technology, the cabinet is becoming an important part of it. Data center server, network communication equipment and other IT facilities, is toward miniaturization, networked, frame in the direction of development. The cabinet, is becoming one of the leading role of this change. Can be divided into the following kinds: common cabinet, according to their function points: fire magnetically ark, power cabinets, control cabinets, shielding cabinets, multimedia, security cabinets, waterproof cabinets, safe, filing cabinets, console, hanging cabinet according to the scope of application: outdoor cabinet, indoor cabinet, communications cabinets, industrial safety cabinet, low-voltage distribution cabinets, power cabinets, server cabinets extension classification: console, computer chassis cabinets, stainless steel case, monitoring work station, tool cabinets, standard cabinets, network cabinets cabinets plank requirements 1, cabinet plate: the industry requirements, standard cabinets plank should choose high quality cold-rolled steel plate, on the market a lot of cabinet is not made from cold rolled steel, but with the alternative, even the sizzling hot plate deformation are easy to rust, please identify carefully! Cold rolled steel sheet. Cold rolled steel sheet is generated after cold rolling steel plate, commonly known as the cold plate. More accurate compared with hot-rolled steel, cold rolled steel sheet thickness, and surface is smooth and beautiful at the same time also has a variety of superior performance, especially the processing performance. High quality cold rolled steel sheet can ensure cabinet toughness and load-bearing performance for a long time. Cold rolled steel sheet is widely used in automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances and industrial equipment, all kinds of building materials. Surface of cold plate, cold rolled plate surface smooth, beautiful, feel smooth and exquisite, is full of toughness and steel strength, display cabinet noble quality! 2, about the plate thickness: the general requirements: the standard rack plate thickness of column 2. 0 mm, lateral plate and QianHouMen 1. 2毫米( Industry's requirements for the side panel is 1. 0 mm above, because the side panel doesn't make bearinging plank can slightly thinner in order to save energy) , the fixed tray 1. 2MM。 Safe cabinet's pillar of vibration in 2. 0 mm thick, to ensure that the cabinet bearing ( Plays a role of main bearing columns) 。 Helpful hints: cabinet plate thickness must meet the requirements, thickness is not up to standard will lead to deformation of cabinet, affect the service life of the cabinet and the safety factor. Mainly to equipment protection, so it is very important to safety performance, please be sure to ask when buying sheet thickness, carefully identify, in addition, aluminium magnesium alloy of hardness and strength relative to the sheet metal are increased, for bearing rack, this kind of material is also a good choice!
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