What is the cause of the UPS power battery internal short circuit? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
Internal short circuit reason 1, baffle plate quality is bad or defect, make the plate through the active material and the positive and negative plate contact or direct contact. 2, partition into a connected to the positive and negative plates. 3, plate on the active material loss, due to the loss of the active material deposition is overmuch, cause positive and negative plate bottom edge or side edge connected with sediments caused by mutual contact the positive and negative plates. UPS power battery is 4, conductive objects fall into cause positive and negative plate is connected. 5, welding forms when a group of & other; Lead flow & throughout; Not clean, or assembly & other; Lead beans & throughout; Exist between the positive and negative plate, in the process of charging and discharging the damage plate connected to the positive and negative plates. Lead battery short circuit is mainly manifested in the following aspects. 1, low open circuit voltage, closed circuit voltage ( Discharge) Soon to end voltage. 2, high discharge current, voltage drops rapidly to zero. 3, when open, the electrolyte density is very low, the electrolyte will be frozen in the cold environment. 4, charging, voltage rise slowly, always keep low ( Sometimes zero) 。 5, when charging, high electrolyte temperature rises quickly. 6, when charging, the electrolyte density rises slowly or almost no change. 7, when charging without risking bubble or steaming appeared very late.
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