What is overview - micro module data center

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Modular data center is based on a new generation of cloud computing data center deployment form, in order to deal with cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, density, etc. The trend of the development of the server, it adopts the modular design concept, the greatest degree of reduce infrastructure coupled to the room environment. Integrated power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, air containing, integrated wiring, ring and monitoring subsystem, improve the overall operating efficiency of the data center, achieve rapid deployment, elastic extension and green energy. From the configuration form, can be divided into micro module product MDC and CDC container data center products. Can satisfy IT business department to the pressing needs of the future data center infrastructure construction, such as standardized design, component factory, fast on-line deployment, effectively reduce the initial investment, module energy pooling dynamic IT infrastructure management, intelligent high resource utilization, operations management, security key business continuity, providing Shared IT service ( Such as across business infrastructure, information sharing, application, etc. ) , rapid response to business needs change, green energy-saving data center, etc. To improve the efficiency of the planning and design, IT business requirements, the rational allocation of system architecture, such as module unit cabinet arrangement, selection of power supply equipment, refrigeration scheme, monitoring and control system, etc. ; Micro module production and improve the delivery speed, standardized components, reduce the workload of field assembly, speed up the installation; Micro modules can be assembled in the factory and test in advance, to ensure the system debugging speed and reliability; Adopting modular design, combined with infrastructure + integrated delivery of IT equipment, data center deployment cycle can be reduced to a few weeks. For container data center, and even can realize the overall alignment in the factory, directly to the scene, complete water and electricity and Internet access, direct put into operation.
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