What is a micro module room ( Micro module cabinet) 吗? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
Micro module ( 微型单元) Refers to a number of the IT cabinets, power supply unit and air terminal unit cabinet as the basic unit, including network, wiring, monitoring and fire fighting, and other functions, including independent running unit. All components within the module can be prefabricated in a factory, a flexible disassembly, transport, site put into use after the rapid assembly, micro module can be used as a stand-alone small data center put into use rapid deployment, implementation and computer room environment decomposition coupling. Micro module machine room monitoring, which is in accordance with industry standards for data center area for micro module partition, namely the whole data center is divided into several independent regions, each region of the scale, the power load is carried out in accordance with the unified design, configuration, etc. Real micro module data center, refrigeration, power supply and management system should be implemented regionalization, micro module, each other, can run independently, without sharing parts, micro module brought a series of advantages to the data center. Micro module machine room monitoring, nested integration data center physical infrastructure integration, is intelligent and efficient modular one-piece machine room, can calmly deal with power supply, fire protection, monitoring, management, operations, increase the challenge. Including UPS power supply, power distribution, cabinets, monitoring and wiring system function module, suitable for government, education, health care, manufacturing, financial, energy, communications and other industries, small and medium-sized data center branch office room, centralized management of distributed equipment room, growth modular data center, etc. Micro module room function characteristics: 1, set UPS, power supply, rack, ring monitoring integration, plug and play, save a space. More than 2, standardized equipment integration, low engineering cost, construction, low cost of operations, time, etc. 3, real-time monitoring of UPS, power supply, such as smoke, temperature and humidity, smart WEB and APP remote management. 4, temperature monitoring and fire at an organic whole, hot melt tube of seven fluorin propane cooling mechanism, fault alarm.
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