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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
1, ETC, the integration of cabinet door frame system background on June 14, 2019, the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China highway research institute in Beijing national convention center & other; Scientific and technological achievements conference & throughout; , in guotong company issued the ETC system integration of intelligent door frame cabinet products. Cabinet door frame ETC integration system development requirements derived from the prime minister li keqiang, the two sessions in 2019 put forward by the government work report to deepen the reform of the toll road system and basic cancel two years the national highway, provincial boundary toll station, not achieve quick parking fees, reduce congestion, facilitate the masses. Transportation industry is pushing the major task. On May 16, the deepening the reform of toll road system eliminate highway boundary toll implementation plan ', in late may, and issued by the ministry of transportation on the vigorously promote the development of the highway ETC application notice, transportation industry is pushing the major task; Is an orderly upgrading, priority the provincial boundary toll highway, deployment ETC intelligent door frame system; Second to solve highway entrances toll station, not achieve quick parking fees, reduce congestion. 2, ETC door frame system integrated ark introduction ETC door frame system, need hoisting in the open highway, ETC the ark of the integration of door frame system is installed on the door frame, integrated ark need to adapt to the complex climate environment: exposure, dustproof, waterproof, moisture proof, mildew proof and salt fog, rust prevention and resistance to wind and earthquake. EETC integration cabinet door frame system is also called the outdoor cabinet (ETC) Hereinafter referred to as: the ETC integrated ark) , its main lanes of door frame control machine, industrial switches, charge system PC equipment provide shelter and integrated for door frame equipment to provide reliable for standby power, the reliable operation of the security side outline key production equipment. Choose appropriate space according to the business needs of outdoor cabinet in order to provide reliable support for highway toll system, outdoor cabinet will configure UPS power supply and battery equipment, air-conditioning equipment, power distribution equipment, network transmission equipment, environmental monitoring equipment.
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