What is a backup UPS power supply, on-line UPS power supply, modular power supply - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
A, what is a backup UPS power backup UPS power supply, when the mains is normal, UPS power supply to the battery charging, inverter that did not work. A power failure, emergency switch to inverter, battery to provide the output direct current into alternating current (ac), therefore, a backup UPS power supply, also known as an off-line UPS power supply. Backup UPS power supply with high efficiency, low noise, the price advantage of the relatively cheap, is mainly used in the utility is stable, on the occasion of the power supply quality is not high or load device, typically load equipment such as computers. As a backup, there exist a UPS power supply switch time, 4 - 8 ms, so for some precision instruments and equipment is not suitable. Second, what is the on-line UPS power supply on-line UPS power supply, the biggest characteristic is the inverter have been working. When the mains is normal, ups power supply to external alternating current into direct current, then through high quality high quality sine wave inverter converts dc to ac output. A power failure, the battery to provide direct current into alternating current to the output. On-line ups power due to the inverter have been working, therefore, the city DianZhuan battery switch time is 0, suitable for the power supply requirements strictly. 3, what is a modular UPS power supply modular UPS power supply is also on-line UPS power supply, different from a single host, modular UPS is made up of frame, UPS power module, static switch module, communication module and the battery pack. The drawer and high ZhiNengDuo standard modular design, online hot plug technology, realize the online replacement, on-line maintenance, reduced the difficulty of maintenance, zero downtime. Four, backup and online UPS power difference between 1, the inverter works. Backup type normal, UPS inverter doesn't work; On-line UPS power supply mains is normal or not normal, have been working. 2, application environment. Type of backup UPS power application in the power supply environment good occasion, not strict with the power load equipment; On-line UPS power supply is mainly used for the power supply demanding situations or load equipment. 3, engine capacity. Backup type ups power supply is mainly 2 kva and below small models; On-line UPS power supply can be 1 - UPS power supply of 600 kva. 4, cost. The same capacity of UPS power supply, the backup type is much cheaper than on-line. 5, the switching time. Mains mode turn battery switch time, backup type 4 - 8 ms, on-line is 0 ms. Therefore, on-line UPS power supply reliability is higher.
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