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by:KEBO      2020-04-03
< p > KEBOups power price how many? KEBOups power supply for the reform of the power supply technology have what effect? Below, KEBO as an introduction to the power of small make up! < / p > < p > the development of human society, cannot leave the development of science and technology; The development of science and technology is inseparable from the scientific theoretical research, bold innovation and widely used in practice. Uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) And its power supply system is also widely with the development of information technology into the fields, and according to the different requirements in various fields, and development level of different periods of electronic technology, the designers and manufacturers to launch various types of UPS power supply equipment and system solutions. < / p > < p > however, by understanding the needs of customers and the challenges they face system, as well as they are encountered in the operation of the system problem, let the experts see: so far, as long as it is by AC/DC, Rectifier) →DC / AC ( Inverter) Type of the ac output UPS, regardless of its performance indicators, high brand again good, there are some system caused by unreliable factors and unavoidable problems such as energy consumption. How to solve? Some manufacturers and users have begun to explore, as early as ten years ago this newspaper is very attention. For this issue in the column of 'expert interview published in the data center type dc output of UPS power supply system to explore' entitled to interview. Respondents is a researcher at the institute of computing technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences guang-ming zhang Sir, nearly three years, he for reliability and dc output type UPS UPS technology were studied, he in yancheng, jiangsu telecom to increase the dc voltage of 48 v to 240 v, improves the reliability and efficiency of the system significantly improve results gave full affirmation and praise, at the same time, draw lessons from domestic and international demand for dc UPS application and research, put forward the scheme of dc 300 v output, and telecommunications standardization association launched by dc UPS technical report 'data center' of the project. He is now and attain the dentsu co. , LTD. , a project team together various experiments, has now developed the dc 350 v power supply system for IT equipment applications. < / p > < p > science was able to in a long journey to explore nature QuWuCunJing, obtain remarkable development, to benefit from the rigorous logic and scientific theory scientists the objective and rational persistent attitude, this is the pride of human intelligence. < / p > < p > small make up that, in fact, the existence and development of science in an eternal problem is the contradiction between standard and system. On the one hand, the emergence of scientific knowledge will generate related standard to judge right and wrong, on the other hand, scientific knowledge is to breakthrough the original standard in the process, therefore, necessarily limited to the original standard, the revolutionary change of traditional UPS, will also have a lot of resistance. Dc UPS, not only is the business of UPS power supply manufacturer, also need to IT equipment in power supply design changes, IT will be a big change. The good news is that in a certain unit of computing center for power supply room, engineers have successfully used dc UPS for a large computing center provide uninterrupted power supply solution is about more than four years, up to now, the system availability of 100%. This application, if it can be widely recognized and promotion, not only will greatly improve the reliability of power supply system, will also contribute to the construction of a high efficiency and energy saving society. We are looking forward to, hope this power supply technology reform achievement a complete implementation. < / p > < p > < / p >
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