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by:KEBO      2020-05-09
Data center racks of UPS power supply system in the industry plays a important role in power supply security, data center to provide uninterrupted power supply to the load, you must have the function of the electrical energy storage. For data center, in the whole operating process of the most important is energy efficiency, energy efficiency directly reflects the people for the sustainable development and the change of climate change, data center operators are considering how to better application infrastructure in UPS power supply system, in order to maximize efficiency, at the same time with the minimum capital spending ( CAPEX) To provide consistency and flexibility. Enterprises in order to meet the requirements of the load increasing, in the data center will deploy a large number of lithium motor mounted UPS power supply system, in this way, will greatly influence the overall data center operations and costs. In lithium motor mounted UPS power supply system in the application of lithium ion battery has many benefits: compared with the same specifications of the lead-acid battery, its volume decreased 70%, and the lighter weight, which means more floor space can be assigned to the server. Integration cabinet cabinet integration will be deep integration, data center infrastructure products include UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, multiple subsystems such as fire, by monitoring the system management of all system implementation plan as a whole, simplify the design and construction process. Reliable UPS power distribution system, and constantly is the escort IT equipment, equipped with precision refrigeration system at the same time, to ensure IT equipment operating environment, tie-in ring working status monitoring and control system for real-time monitoring equipment. Integration cabinet adopt fully sealed design, can be used in a variety of indoor environment, bad set without the need for a separate room. Racks of UPS power supply for computer room rack type design, it can be like other storage devices, such as hard disk video recorder is put in the standard cabinets. Design adopts the most widely used 19-inch standard rack chassis, racks of installation in the machine ( Small footprint) , layout, Links in the cabinet wiring) , vision ( Unified and concise) And reliability ( To prevent error handling and false contact) Is superior to the traditional aspects such as tower UPS power supply. In usability and manageability, flexibility, system protect computer posture more intelligent UPS power efficiency, output has battery undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage alarm output, output short circuit, over temperature protection function. So in the engine room integrated power distribution cabinet that need high accuracy uninterruptible power supply, selects the racks of UPS power supply is a very good choice.
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